5 Reasons Commercial Cleaning Services In South Florida Remain So Important

commercial cleaning serviceHiring a South Florida commercial cleaning service is proven to increase success in the workplace, virtually paying for itself.  There’s a reason more and more businesses are turning to commercial cleaning services. For one, the importance of a clean office can’t be argued against. In fact, research has found countless benefits to a cleaner work environment, including improved employee moral, greater overall organization, and less sick days taken.

In South Florida dust, debris and germs are going to accumulate throughout your office in a rather efficient manner. Indoor air pollution is considered one of the top 5 environmental risks to public health. 

It is not recommended to take on the task of cleaning your business. Here are 5 important reasons why experts say hiring a commercial cleaning service is so important. 

1. Commercial Cleaning Vs. Common Cleaning

There are unique factors to take into consideration regarding commercial cleaning. Someone might be great at maintaining a spotless home but keeping the workplace spotless is another beast entirely. General cleaning methods used to maintain private residences won’t cut it in a public work environment. It’s important to know every last area where dirt and grime accumulates in the workplace in order to effectively get the job done. 

The use of modern technology is hugely important when it comes to the large scale cleaning offices require. Using the latest tools and technology allows commercial cleaning services to get the job done more efficiently. If you don’t already have the right tools and experienced users on hand this is going to cost you. It’s not just tools, the professional cleaners behind the tools know what to do to get the job done right. As a result, hiring someone to do the job takes less time and is more affordable than often assumed.    

2. Who’s Going To Clean Office Bathrooms?

Sure, you could assign cleaning tasks to employees, but how can you guarantee they will get the job done up to par with hygiene standards? Unless you have a full-time experienced janitor on staff, there’s no way a general employee is going to keep bathrooms as clean as customers and staff expect them to be. There are so many nooks and crannies that need to be sanitized in one bathroom stall, let alone the entire bathroom. Once bathroom hygiene gets out of control problems such as mold expand and require costly rebuilds and repairs. Hiring a commercial service to regularly clean bathrooms will not only improve the look and smell of your bathrooms but it will also help prevent expensive maintenance issues from arising.

Restrooms are only the start of it! What about the break room? If employees are expected to clean up this area there is sure to be disagreements about who is making the mess. Ditch the drama and hire a cleaning company.

3. Don’t Make Your Employees Sick

A build up of germs and bacteria will make the employees you count on much more susceptible to illness. Regular cleaning services greatly reduce the risk of exposure to germs and bacteria. Having your employees clean might reduce the number of flu germs in the building but it won’t necessarily reduce sick days. In fact, using the wrong cleaning supplies could easily make someone nauseous enough to go home for the day. A commercial cleaning service knows how to get the job done, reducing harmful bacteria without involving your busy employees in the process.

Having employees clean could also backfire on you in terms of a lawsuit. The last thing you want to do is make employees unhappy, and asking them to take on the task of cleaning when they are hired for something else entirely is a great way to flare up problems and create avoidable issues.

4. Identifying The Most Important Tasks

A professional cleaning service has seen it all, they know what needs to be done and how often. This provides you with unique advantages as well as a cleaner office. Your staff is not trained in corporate cleaning, and you are likely not either. As a result, what you think is up to par with cleanliness standards might leave everyone susceptible to getting sick. A service will keep you in the loop, explaining the most important tasks as well as taking care of them.   

5. Have More Time To Focus On Your Business

Regardless if you have one office location or multiple locations it is going to take time out of your day to check and make sure cleaning tasks are getting done. Hiring a commercial cleaning service removes this tedious inspection process entirely. You don’t have to check to see if hallway corners are vacuumed, railings dust-free, or bathrooms scrubbed and shinny. Tidy Team guarantees our work surpasses all expectations. As a result, you have one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on what you do best, running your business.

Tidy Team offers superior commercial cleaning services in South Florida. Businesses big and small have counted on us for over 30 years. Experience the Tidy Team difference today!