6 Benefits Of Clean Office Spaces

Industrial buffing machine polishing the floor in a hallwayA clean office produces numerous benefits including improved psychological and physical wellbeing. Clutter, dust and poor air quality all impact the way we feel, think and operate. 82% of people say they would work harder if their work environment were cleaner. They’d also miss less days of work considering 60% of office illnesses are directly linked to unclean office surfaces. Simply disinfecting your desk using the proper methods can remove 99.9% of germs. Hiring a company to regularly clean your office space can make all the difference; here are 6 benefits to a clean office.    

1. Reduce The Number Of Sick Days Employees Use 

People spend a lot of time in the office and so it’s not surprising that offices breed a whole lot of bacteria. San Diego State University and the University of Arizona conducted a study of 90 office spaces and uncovered a disturbing 500 unique species of bacteria. This same study identified 71% of workers attribute a dirty office space to making them ill at some point in the past. They are probably right considering the average office desk is covered in 445 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. 

During flu season it is even more important to disinfect offices on a regular basis. Frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, elevator buttons and trashcans are some of the easiest ways to transmit bacteria. Keeping up with regular office cleaning can reduce the number of sick days employees take, benefiting overall productivity.

2. Improved Office Air Quality

One of the three most important factors that influence quality of work is air quality. In order for workers to be healthy and productive they need quality air to breathe.  If your office has dust building up in every unused corner this decreases overall air quality. It’s not just shelves and corners, ceiling fans offer the perfect space for dust and debris to build up. If ceiling fans are not regularly cleaned they kick up a lot of dirt and reduce overall air quality. Something as simple as regularly cleaning celling fans can actually improve air quality, health and employee wellbeing.

3. Improved Mental Health

Our mental capabilities are improved when we work in clean office spaces compared to dirty, cluttered spaces. According to Jennifer Baxt, a Licensed Mental Health Clinician, having a clean office space is on par with eating well and exercising in terms of increasing productivity and overall happiness. A clean office will also make employees feel more relaxed, reducing overall stress. That’s because physical clutter translates into mental clutter. In other words, if your desk is a cluttered mess you are clogging up with your mind and reducing your ability to relax and get things done.

4. Better Presentation To Clients

A clean and orderly office also improves the way clients view your company. If everything looks clean and in order people will assume your business has it all together and can be trusted to take care of a particular service. When prospective clients walk into a messy, dusty, or ill-smelling workplace their warning buzzers instantly go off. Humans notice right away if an environment is clean or not, and you don’t want potential clients doubting your company’s abilities based upon clutter, dust or sticky floors.

5. Save Time Around The Office

When employees don’t have to break from work to clean up the office this gives everyone more time to get stuff done. Your employees have a job to do and you don’t want that interrupted if they have to stop what they are dong to clean. A clean work environment promotes greater productivity and it gives workers a chance to put more time into important tasks that need to get done as opposed to dusting their office. Plus, most people are not going to deep clean their office until it is pretty bad, meaning most of the time self-cleaned offices are far from neat and orderly, and are likely teaming with bacteria.

6. Extend Life Of Office Flooring, Furniture, Etc.

When your floors, walls and other office components are regularly cleaned, sealed, waxed and maintained they are naturally going to last longer and look better. For instance, if the grout on tile flooring is not regularly deep cleaned the pores will build up with a lot of dirt, causing the floors to have a dingy, discolored look that takes away from office appearances. Having this grout properly cleaned and sealed prevents this from happening and extends the life and look of your floors. Plus, when the materials, flooring and other parts of your office last longer you save money by not having to replace them sooner.

Allow the cleaning professionals at Tidy Team to keep your office spotless, providing endless benefits to your business and employees. We offer one-time and regular cleaning packages for all types of businesses big and small.