6 Benefits Of Pompano Beach Commercial Pressure Cleaning

commercial pressure cleaningHiring a Pompano Beach commercial pressure cleaning service will improve business appearances, prevent costly repairs and even improve employee moral.

Pressure cleaning is used to deep clean buildings, sidewalks, parking garages, walkways and many other common surfaces where dirt and grim builds up. Gum, mold, graffiti, mildew, pollution and bird poo may seem impossible to clean off, but pressure washing has the strength to take care of all these issues and more. As a result, commercial buildings look newer, cleaner and completely refreshed after undergoing commercial pressure washing.

Since pressure washing includes scaling the sides of buildings in order to reach high surfaces, rooftops and windows, it is best left to the professionals. Inexperienced pressure washing could also lead to extensive damage, for instance pressure washing an old brick wall could cause more harm than good.

Tidy Team is the number one name for Pompano Beach commercial pressure cleaning. Allow us to make your building look like new again, while providing the following 6 benefits to your business.

1. Commercial Pressure Cleaning Improves The Look Of Your Business

The outer appearance of your business speaks volumes to the world. A clean and well-maintained building is going to be much more appealing to potential and current clients than a dirty, unmaintained building. Pressure cleaning grants your building the opportunity to make a better first impression, which in return promotes greater sales and success. 

2. Clean Building = Improved Employee Moral

Even your employees will benefit from a cleaner workspace. Entering a fresh office each day boosts moral and makes people proud to work at a place. No one wants to look out the window and see old water stains, dirt and bird poop. Make sure your employees have a clear view out of every window so that they want to stay in the office longer.   

3. Commercial Pressure Washing Helps Prevent Costly Repairs

Much of the dirt that accumulates on building surfaces is actually harmful to the integrity of the structure if it is not regularly cleaned up. Mold, bird droppings, algae, and dirt all lead to one thing: rotting of the actual building. For example, if bird droppings accumulate on the roof and in the gutter systems these structures will eventually begin to wear down and collapse due to the acidic makeup of bird droppings. Regular commercial pressure washing services help prevent large-scale issues like this from occurring.

4. Commercial Pressure Cleaning Services Keep You On A Schedule

Tidy Team can put you on a cleaning schedule so that you never have to think about cleaning your building again, we do it for you. Schedules are tailored to your preferences and the needs of your building. Some buildings naturally get dirtier than others within a shorter period of time due to location and surrounding factors.

No matter how often your business requires commercial pressure washing we will take care of it in a timely manner. This ensures your business looks flawless around the clock without any worries on your part. This also helps to maintain the stability and longevity of your building.

5. Keep Employees Healthy & Safe

If windows accumulate too much dust, pollen and other allergens, this can in turn start to make employees sick. Dust, dirt, mildew and even bird droppings are all linked to health-related issues, including difficulty breathing, asthma, allergies and even some diseases. There’s no need to risk your hard working employees getting sick all because of a dirty building. Hiring a commercial cleaning service to pressure wash building exteriors, windows and so forth helps keep your employees safe from illness and discomfort.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to try and save money by having untrained employees try to pressure wash themselves. This only puts your employees at risk and could even leave you vulnerable to a nasty lawsuit. Allow professionals to take care of pressure washing to guarantee the job is done efficiently, thoroughly and most importantly, safely. 

6. Pressure Washing Removes Graffiti

Graffiti is far from uncommon but when it happens to your business you want to remove it as soon as possible. Graffiti is a warning sign of a rough neighborhood, and it also invites more vandals to destroy your property further. Your best bet is to remove vandalism right away before it has a chance to impact your image or promote others to do the same. Pressure washing is one of the only ways to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces.

Tidy Team would love to show you firsthand all of the benefits commercial pressure cleaning has to offer. Contact us today for more information and a free quote!