6 Common Commercial Window Cleaning Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Common Commercial Window CleaningCommon commercial window cleaning mistakes can lead to smudged windows, short-lived results and injury or even death. All it takes is a small mistake to jeopardize the final outcome of your window cleaning endeavors. And when cleaning commercial windows there are so many potential mistakes to be made.

Tidy Team provides superior commercial window cleaning services. Many years of industry experience gives us special insight on the most common mistakes people make when cleaning windows. Here are 6 mistakes we don’t want you to make! 

1. Not Removing Deposits Before Cleaning Windows

Before you clean the windows you’ll need to remove any bird droppings or other deposits that have accumulated. You will waste a lot of time, effort and cleaning product trying to get rid of deposits while cleaning the windows.

Start off by removing deposits with a scrapper. You might need to spray stubborn deposits with cleaner in order to help loosen them from the window. Start from the outside and move towards the inside/center of windows. This is the only time it’s acceptable to use a paper towel for cleaning windows.

2. Using The Wrong Materials To Clean Windows

As mentioned above, unless you’re on muck duty, you shouldn’t use paper towels to clean your windows. You should also avoid lint-based cloths. Otherwise, you’ll end up leaving behind fibers all over the glass, causing people to question if your windows were ever cleaned at all.

Newspapers are another no-no. Newspaper contains a lot of toxins from the ink, and that ink is going to end up all over your hands if you try and clean your windows with yesterday’s paper.

Certain harsh chemical solutions can counteract all of your hard work, as many formulas actually attract more debris post-cleaning. There are plenty of non-toxic solutions out there that produce better results. For instance, quick DIY spot cleaning can be conducted by mixing together water and lemon juice.

3. Cleaning Windows In The Wrong Weather Conditions

Cleaning windows during the wrong weather can create an entire host of issues, and yet it is easily one of the most common mistakes made. When the sun is bright it highlights all of the gunk and imperfections on glass windows, luring you to clean right then and there. Ignore your instincts because you shouldn’t wash windows under the brightness of the sun; it’s nearly impossible to avoid smudges because the cleaner dries too quickly.

You don’t want to wash your windows when rain is lurking on the forecast either. Rain quickly pollutes windows with streaks and stains. The longer you can keep your windows looking as fresh as possible post-cleaning, the better. We recommend waiting to clean windows until there’s no rain on the forecast for longer-lived results. 

4. Trying To Clean Too Many Windows At Once

It takes a long time and an often-unexpected amount of energy to wash windows. It’s not uncommon for people to start washing windows only to burn out long before the job is complete. This is why it’s highly recommended to hire a professional service. If you still want to try DIY window cleaning, start with one window at a time because it’ll make it easier to go back and start again the following day.

5. Trying To Clean Windows From The Inside-Out

Without proper ladders and safety equipment the only way to wash windows is by reaching outside from the inside. Not only is this dangerous, but it’s never going to produce good results. Hiring a professional window cleaning service ensures your windows are cleaned with precise detail. We have all of the ladders, lifts and other necessary equipment to clean windows at all heights.

6. Ignoring Safety Risks

Safety is a huge concern when cleaning windows. Errors and faulty equipment lead to deaths every single year. Hiring a professional window cleaning company eliminates risks and keeps you safe. If you do clean your own windows, it’s adamant that you have all of the professional equipment necessary to safely complete the job.

When hiring a window cleaning service make sure to ask to see proof of insurance. Failing to do so could leave your business liable if a window cleaner is injured on your property.