6 Crystal Clear Reasons Your Business Should Invest In Professional Pompano Beach Window Cleaning Services

Professional window cleaning serviceBenefits of Pompano Beach professional window cleaning include greater curbside appeal, less employee sick days, reduced allergens, and the list goes on. When is the last time you hired a commercial window cleaning service to wash the interior and exterior windows on your business? If you can’t remember, or it’s been a good while, it’s time to rethink the benefits of this affordable service.

Both employees and clients will judge your business based on how nice it looks from the outside. If people don’t think you keep up with basic maintenance, like cleaning the windows, they may assume you don’t keep up with other important elements of your business as well.

Remove the ability for anyone to judge your business based on grimy windows. Hire Tidy Team to make your Pompano Beach office windows glisten like new! Here are 6 benefits to our affordable commercial window cleaning services.

1. Cleaner Windows = Reduced Allergens

The dust and dirt that accumulates on window seals and glass panes can actually make your employers sick. Dust and dirt are loaded with allergens that can turn a fine-feeling employee into a sniffling, sneezing, light-headed wreck. It’s common for people to confuse bad allergies with a cold, causing employees to take sick days you could potentially avoid by simply keeping the air, and windows, cleaner.

Indoor air quality greatly influences the health of your employees, determining how comfortable they are as well as how hard they can work. Cleaning windows helps to eliminate chemicals, dirt, grime and mold that build up on windows and reduce air quality.

2. Pleasing Professional Look

The appearance of your business is greatly determined by the cleanliness of your windows. Regardless if it makes sense to you or not, clean and clear glass windows help set the stage for better looking businesses.  If a potential customer approaches your business and notices that the windows are foggy, dusty or covered in cobwebs they may doubt the level of work you do. On the other hand, if your exterior building is shiny and clean, the public naturally assumes you’re on top of your game.

3. Maintenance Pays Off

Window cleaning is one of many forms of maintenance a commercial building requires. Without maintenance a building will fall into disarray, collecting issues here and there until you are forced to pay steep costs for repairs and damages.  Businesses must keep up with all forms of maintenance in order to create a professional appearance, but also to avoid big issues with the potential to disrupt productivity.

4. Reduce Your Risk For Lawsuit And Injury

Once your windows look dirty enough to capture your attention you might consider asking your janitor or other staff members to clean the windows. We wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re looking for a lawsuit, which 99.9% of people most certainly are not.  Cleaning windows isn’t safe unless someone is trained and equipped with the proper tools for the task. The risks associated with cleaning windows increases as the height of the building goes up. 

If someone is not trained and skilled at cleaning windows anything can go wrong, from falling off a ladder to shattering a window. Remove the risks and hire a professional commercial cleaning team proven to conduct quality window cleaning without fail. 

5. Increase Workplace Productivity

By hiring someone to clean windows you allow your employees to focus on their important tasks at hand. This means more work gets done, as opposed to wasting an entire day trying to teach employees how to clean windows. Also, a cleaner office, even if it’s just cleaner windows, is actually proven to increase employee moral and productivity. As a result, your office looks better and your employees are happier to work there.

6. Additional Services

Tidy Team doesn’t just provide window cleaning. We specialize in all facets of commercial cleaning. Therefore, you can hire us to clean windows and take care of countless other tasks, both inside and out.

Your job is not commercial cleaning; therefore you shouldn’t expect yourself to be a master of the subject. It’s incredibly common for highly intelligent and successful business managers to overlook things that really need maintenance and cleaning.

Call us out to clean your commercial windows and we are more than happy to pinpoint any additional issues we notice that should be taken care of. For instance, does your driveway, rooftop, patio, sidewalk, awning, or parking garage need to be pressure cleaned? If so we are more than happy to let you know, and provide you with a fair quote for the task.

The Cleanest Windows in Pompano Beach, Guaranteed

Your business deserves nothing less than the best, and that includes windows that sparkle and shine as brightly as your team. If you’re seeking the highest quality window cleaning services in all of Pompano Beach, look no further than Tidy Team!