6 Reasons Your Pompano Beach Commercial Vinyl Floors Need Stripping & Waxing

dirty vinyl floors need to be stripped and waxed every so often in order to maintain a clean and fresh appearance, but that’s not all. There are 6 important reasons why you should regularly have commercial vinyl floors stripped and waxed.

The appearance of your commercial workspace is a part of the package you offer. That means people judge the quality of your work by what they see when they step inside your office, even if the two are entirely unrelated. A clean and well-maintained environment speaks volumes to customers, potential business partners and employees too.

At Tidy Team, we see it time and time again; the HUGE difference having commercial vinyl floors stripped and waxed makes. Floors look completely different after the process is complete.

There are several fundamental reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning service to strip and wax your commercial vinyl floors.

1. Your Business Is Judged On The State Of Your Floors, It’s True 

Judging anyone isn’t cool, but it’s human nature. If your floors are nicked and stained up it sets a certain impression on your business, one you want to avoid. Having shiny, clean floors that glisten sets the stage for a successful business that people are more attracted to working with.

2. Make Old Floors Shine Like New

Vinyl floors can get pretty beat up, and no matter how much you scrub at them with the mop they don’t seem to look any different. That’s because your floors need to be stripped down from the very top layer and then finished with the proper wax coating. As a result of this process your floors have an entirely new top layer, hence why the results are so extreme.

3. Helps Floors Last Longer

Floors are going to last a lot longer if you regularly have them stripped and waxed as opposed to letting years span between necessary maintenance. Here’s why: when the top protective surface of vinyl becomes worn down it begins to wear on the actual tiles. By keeping the top layer sealed and strong you prevent a lot of damage. Simply having this done not only makes your floors look better but also it reduces everyday wear and tear.

4. Cheapest Solution To Score New Floors

One way to score brand new looking floors without the high sticker price is to have old vinyl flooring restored with stripping and waxing. This process alone virtually leaves floors looking like new. This leaves room in your business budget for other things, as opposed to spending thousands of dollars on new floors.

5. Saves Money Over Time

Keeping up with the maintenance on any product, from your car to commercial floors, helps it maintain its value longer. Keeping up with basic floor maintenance, such as stripping and waxing floors, ensures your floors last longer. When you have to buy new flooring less often you save money over time.

6. Improves Employee Moral

When employees work in a clean environment they feel better about their job. That doesn’t mean cleaning takes care of all work place issues, but a dirty office is a workplace issue all on its own. It’s basic human psychology, employees feel better about where they work when it’s a nice looking, well-maintained environment.

Common Mistakes When Stripping & Waxing Floors

‘Learning’ the skill of stripping floors as you go along is never recommended. Otherwise you are bound to encounter a lot of issues. Stripping and waxing is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced before actually being applied.

Common mistakes people make when trying to strip and wax floors DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Style:

  • Not knowing the exact type of flooring they are dealing with, and as a result using non-compatible chemicals and equipment for the job.
  • Not using sanitized mops and buckets or other equipment.
  • Forgetting to wear important protective safety clothing resulting in personal injury.
  • Starting with too large of a surface space all at once.
  • Not giving enough dwell time.
  • Using a stripper solution that is not properly diluted with water.
  • Underestimating the importance of using a defoamer with a wet/dry vac.

Stripping and waxing commercial floors is a big job that requires the right skills and tools. That’s why hiring a professional service is highly recommended. Allow Tidy Team to take superior care of your commercial vinyl flooring, using state of the art equipment to make your floors glisten like new. There’s a reason we are number one for stripping and waxing floors in Pompano Beach and beyond!