6 Tips For Maintaining A Clean Office

Beautiful conditions at modern and light officeTidy Team will take care of the deep cleaning, but how can you manage and reduce the day-to-day mess that often arises at work? Paperwork, client files, and yesterday’s lunch can all transform a clean office space into a big mess. After our professional cleaners leave, the floors are sterile enough to eat off of and the dust has disappeared, but how do you keep your office looking this spotless in between cleanings?

Here are 6 tips for maintaining a clean office every day of the year.

Enlist A ‘No Mess Desk’ Policy

When desks become cluttered in papers it gets tricky to find what you need when you need it. As busy days drag on it’s easy for papers to get stacked here, there, everywhere and then never properly put away. As a result, you suddenly end up with a big mess that takes hours to file away.

Creating a ‘no mess desk’ policy in the office can help reduce the buildup of papers and other clutter. If at the end of the workday all things must be filed away in the proper place things get taken care of as the day goes by, preventing procrastination.

The average desk has more bacteria than a toilet seat, it’s a disgusting fact but at least you can fight back at it. Keeping desks free of clutter is one way to instantly promote fewer bacteria, as a clean desk is easier to wipe off with disinfectants than a cluttered desk.   

Talk to employees about the policy in an open-minded way. If someone has a problem with it, it might be because they don’t feel they have adequate space to store all of their paperwork or other clutter on their desk.

Provide Electronic Wipes Near Every Desk

Coffee, lunch or ink may end up on electronics during a normal workday. If employees have easy access to electronic wipes they can quickly remove the spill and get right back to work. This is why it’s important to keep electronic wipes near every desk.

All electronics should be sanitized at least once a week to reduce the presence of germs. We will take care of the regular maintenance, but if we are not due on a day when Mark splatters red sauce on his computer screen, you’ve got the available tools for him to quickly take care of the mess before it has a chance to set in. This helps reduce germs as well as prevents sticky messes from jamming up keyboards or a mouse.

Keep Hand Sanitizer Available

Hand sanitizer is a great tool when getting up and going to the bathroom sink is not in the schedule.  When employees have cleaner hands, they subsequently spread fewer germs around the office, a win-win for all.

Host A Junk Drawer Cleaning Hour

An office space might look clean as a whistle, but what is hiding inside all of those desk drawers? We all have a junk drawer that is full of random things, from paperwork, to watches, to coins and spare keys. Asking employees to keep their drawers free of clutter isn’t enough to do the trick. Plan and announce a time that everyone will stop working and start cleaning out desk junk drawers. Order in pizza and play music to make the chore more exciting. You could even hold a contest for the strangest items found in desk drawers.   

Provide Employees With Plenty Of Hooks, Shelving & Filing Cabinets

The furniture in an office will greatly impact how clean or messy it is. Hooks for jackets, adequate filling cabinets for paperwork, and shelving for other accessories can transform a cluttered space into a neat and tidy space. Regularly ask employees what sorts of accessories could help them better organize their workspace. You might be surprised at the awesome ideas that arise, as well as how good your office starts to look. 

Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service

The number one way to achieve a cleaner office space is to hire a commercial cleaning service. Not only will this ensure floors are gleaming and bathrooms are sanitized, but it will also promote higher employee moral. When the office looks clean people are more motivated to do their part to keep it that way. It’s the whole ‘broken windows theory’. When a house has broken windows people are far more likely to further vandalize it; if it looks like no one cares people will assume it is true and not care either. The same can be said about the office. If it is an icky, dusty mess employees are going to treat it as such. 

Tidy Team guarantees you the cleanest office in South Florida! We offer one-time cleaning services as well as regular cleaning packages.