8 Reasons To Consider Pompano Beach Commercial Cleaning For Restaurants

8 Reasons To Consider Pompano Beach Commercial Cleaning For RestaurantsThe benefits of Pompano Beach commercial cleaning services for restaurants spread far and wide, including higher customer satisfaction, reduced risk of health code violations, and more.

Tidy Team is proud to provide superior commercial cleaning services for many Pompano Beach restaurants. We understand the importance of cleanliness in an environment where food is served. In order to keep your patrons safe, it’s valuable to invest in regular commercial cleaning services.

What do commercial restaurant cleaning services offer?

Cleaning services for restaurants include a variety of services, such as:

  • Power wash windows
  • Strip and wax floors for a like-new shine
  • Vacuum, sanitize and deep clean carpets
  • Wash range hoods
  • Sanitize customer booths and tables

+ So much more!

Talk to us about your specific needs and we will set up a cleaning plan that fits your restaurant to a grilled T. Here are 8 solid reasons restaurants continue to use our cleaning services year after year.

1. You Get To Focus More On The Food

Your job as a restaurant is to serve the best food in town, which leaves little to no time to worry about shinning the floors or dusting ceiling fans. Good food is important, but a clean restaurant gets noticed just as much–as does a dirty one. Allow our professional cleaning team to help you make the best first impression to restaurant goers, as well as the occasional inspector.  In the meantime, you can focus on doing what you do best—serving up good food!

2. Clean Restaurant = Happy Customers

‘The customer is always right’ and if a customer thinks your restaurant looks dirty, it probably is. Food is messy by nature, making it difficult to keep any restaurant clean. If it starts to look less than stellar in regards to sanitation or the dining area develops an odd smell, your list of regulars is going to slowly but surly drop to none. Allow us to stay on top of the deep cleaning so that you don’t have to worry about losing customers over it.

3. Save Your Yelp Rating From Dirty Decline

These days, diners always have the option to turn to Yelp to expose all of their inner emotions about your restaurant. If there are spider webs dangling from the ceiling or gum left under a table gets stuck to a patron’s knee… the entire Internet could soon hear about it. Reviews can act as a huge aid to your business, or they can threaten to put you out of shop. Some restaurants are forced to change their name and entire identity just to escape a flurry of bad reviews.

You can’t stop every bad review; after all pleasing the world is impossible. But, you can help prevent as many bad reviews as possible by keeping up with important things like cleanliness.

4. Clean Restaurant Windows Attract More Customers

Window cleaning services are important for restaurants, as the appearance of your windows actually tip potential customers off to what waits inside. If you have two restaurants side-by-side, one with a cloudy set of windows stained with bird poo, and the other with nice, clean windows—which one are people more likely to go to?  The obvious choice is the place with cleaner windows. The brain naturally assumes that the windows serve as a reflection of what’s inside—and no one wants a cloudy burrito with bird poo on the side.

We use state of the art power washing equipment to clean windows, sidewalks, rooftops, gutters, parking lots and more.

5. Avoid Mold & Other Icky Catastrophes 

You can’t rely on just anyone to deep clean a restaurant to a standard that helps prevent outbreaks of mold and harmful bacteria. This level of cleaning is a trained skill that requires more tools than a simple vacuum and dust rag.  If you rely on restaurant staff to deep clean a restaurant they are likely skipping out on important things that a professional cleaning service would not. It’s not intentional, they just don’t know any better because cleaning is not their trained profession.

All it takes is a short amount of time and a couple of oversights and things like mold can blossom out of control. Cleaning up out of control messes is always more expensive than preventative deep cleaning. In other words, hiring a professional cleaning service for your restaurant virtually pays for itself.

6. Helps You Adhere Strict Florida Restaurant Inspection Report

Restaurant inspections are stressful and tend to occur whenever you least expect it. That means you need to be ready at all times to prove to an inspector your restaurant is on top of its game in terms of public health and safety.

Let us help you stay on top of your restaurant’s overall cleanliness so that you have fewer things to worry about in terms of meeting requirements for your next inspection.

7. Improve Employee Moral

When employees are allowed to focus on their jobs as opposed to vacuuming or steam cleaning the carpets, they are naturally more focused. Also, a cleaner workplace environment leads to higher employee moral. When employees feel good about where they work, they work harder and with more pride. It’s hard to feel good about where you work if it’s dirty, dusty or contributing to your allergies.

8. Prevent The Spread Of Germs

Restaurants make the perfect place for germs, bacteria and viruses to spread. Help stop the spread of these contaminants amongst employees and customers with regular commercial cleaning services.

Tidy Team is the best choice for Pompano Beach commercial cleaning. We offer nightly, weekly, or monthly-based cleaning plans. Contact us today to get a quote that fits your exact needs!