A Clean Restroom is Good for Business

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the appearance of a business’s restroom could make or break the business. In fact, surveys revealed that nearly 90 percent of people believed the company’s public restroom reflected the business’s overall cleanliness. Now, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak and ongoing pandemic, that fact is even more true. For restauranteurs, this means customers see a less than pristine restroom as a reflection of the cleanliness in the kitchen. For hoteliers, it indicates customers see a correlation between public restrooms and the cleanliness of the accommodations offered. For you, as a business owner, the appearance of your restrooms is crucial to how customers view your business. 

In fact, some surveys found that nearly 30 percent of those who were met with a less than sanitary and well-stocked restroom would not return to the business in questions. Upwards of 50 percent indicated they would share their restroom findings with friends and on social media when offering a business review. For business owners, losing existing customers and failing to convert new customers can mean the end of a business. When you consider the possibilities, it is easy to see how a customer or potential customer could be swayed by the condition of the restroom in your business. After all, if you aren’t keeping your restrooms clean and stocked, what does that say about the rest of your business.

The Simple Solution – Keeping Restrooms Clean

Since the state of the restroom equates to your customers perception of your business, keeping the bathroom clean and well-stocked means repeat business, loyal customers, and increased revenue. Here’s how you can get the job done and present a pristine restroom for your customers and guests.

  • Hire a Professional Cleaning Service, like the one at Tidy Team Cleaning Services. Regular cleaning by a professional cleaning team, along with properly stocked toiletries and air fresheners can make all the difference in how your customers see your business. Professional cleaners will use safe and appropriate cleaners and equipment to get the job done in a way that customers will notice. While hiring a cleaning service might seem an additional expense, it is actually an investment in the overall customer experience.
  • Create a Daily Cleaning Schedule. Your professional cleaning service can’t be on site every minute of every day, which means you will need to create a daily cleaning schedule and get your employees on board with the plan. The daily routine should include trash removal, restocking toiletries, and wiping down high touch areas throughout the day. Plus it actively engages employees in the process and limits downtime between customer peaks. Most importantly, it will help keep the restrooms presentable and customers happy in between professional cleanings. 
  • Enhance Customer Perception. Keeping restrooms clean helps enhance your customers’ perception of your business. As noted, unsanitary, unstocked restrooms give customers a negative view of your overall business – customer service to products and services provided – causing them to further scrutinize your business practices and share their findings with potential customers via word of mouth and online reviews.
  • Alleviate Customer Complaints. A clean restroom can go a long way in alleviating customer complaints. Why? Clean restrooms make happy customers who are less likely to complain about other aspects of your business. In the digital era, and the time of COVID, clean restrooms encourage customers to visit your business and showcase your dedication to an overall positive customer experience. The result is overwhelmingly positive reviews which encourage new customers to visit your business as well.

Call on Tidy Team Cleaning Services

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