Avoid Office Illnesses During the Fall

Being ill is no fun no matter the kind of environment you have. The office environment can be a source of infectious bacteria and germs. Regardless of all efforts to avoid office sickness, it can be hard to stay well when colleagues are sneezing, sniffling, and coughing. Illnesses can quickly spread which not only impacts your employee’s health directly but can also hurt the general productivity of your business. But there are measures you can take to avoid office illness during the fall. Regular cleaning and sanitizing stations can help prevent illness and create a comfortable working space.

Disinfecting Workspace and Surfaces

Your hand might be clean but your workstation can be a breeding space for germs. Items used frequently like keyboard and mouse should be cleaned regularly especially during the cold season and flu season. To ensure the staff can disinfect their workspaces regularly, managers and business owners should provide cleaning supplies such as paper towels and, spray and disinfectant wipes. Ensure these items are accessible and that workers know where to find them.

De-clutter Work Stations

Clutter can accumulate easily and quickly, especially in an office with multiple employees. This makes it more difficult to effectively clean office spaces. Cluttered workstations may lead to cross-contamination, particularly if there are equipment and objects that are touched continually touched by several employees. It is much easier to clean when the space is organized.

Sanitation Stations

Ongoing sanitation in any office is necessary. A sanitation station located around the office may encourage the staff to clean up after themselves. Put up signs asking workers to wipe surfaces they just use, to wash their hands regularly. It may sound simple but washing your hand properly is one of the best ways to avoid office illnesses and prevent them from spreading. Employees contributing to cleaning in the office can minimize outbreaks of illnesses.

Hand Sanitizer at Every Workstation

Having a hand sanitizer while working with multiple people is necessary for the office. It might seem like an unimportant improvement but a high-quality sanitizer can go a long way. Most of them kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs making them an ideal solution that is not harsh on the hand of the employees. If you work in a collaborative environment where equipment and materials are shared regularly, sanitizing is a must.

Regularly Clean Commonly Used Surfaces

Office illness has made it necessary to clean more than usual. Cleaning regularly ensures all office surfaces are cleaned and sanitized efficiently. Ensure that all overlooked or easy-to-miss areas are cleaned well. Ensure areas touched regularly by employees such as desks, printers, computers, countertops, doorknobs, and handles are cleaned and sanitized frequently. Employing a professional cleaning service can help in deep cleaning the office spaces that your employees can easily miss.

Dispose of Trash Frequently

This is where harmful bacteria and germs mostly breed, especially during the cold season. Trash bins in your workplace should be emptied frequently. Have a daily routine to empty them whether they are in the individual workspace or common areas. Do not wait until they are full. If not cleaned often, this is where mold that can cause or spread illness is found.

Outsource Cleaning

Professional cleaners are trained in best practices to clean your whole office thoroughly. Whether it is during the cold season or throughout the year. They make your space look beautiful and sanitized. They know standards on disinfecting and can assist keep the office healthy. Or if you have had an outbreak of illnesses in the workplace, they can disinfect and clean even the smallest of areas. At Tidy Team Cleaning Services, that is what we do. We help ensure standards of services that exceed all your expectations. For more information, call Tidy Team Cleaning Services today.