Avoiding Office Illnesses During the Winter

Winter season is right around the corner, which means so is the flu and cold season. During the winter months, offices appear to be a breeding ground for illness. There is always something being passed around from coworker to coworker. It may seem inevitable that you will catch the latest cold or illness going around the office, but there are certain things you can take to avoid getting sick. That is why a clean working space is important, it helps to maintain the health of workers and clients. Here are a few tips for cleaning to help you avoid germs at the office.

Maintaining Clean Floors and Carpets

During the winter, it is especially vital to keep your floors and carpets clean. Carpets must be vacuumed on a regular basis because they can collect dust, dirt, and bacteria, which can cause allergies and allow illnesses to spread around the office. Regular sweeping and mopping, in addition to cleaning carpets and tiled floors, will minimize slips and falls on dusty floors and protect your workers from allergies.

Disinfecting the Workspace

During the winter months, use non-toxic cleaning products and disinfectants to keep germs and bacteria at bay in the office. Daily cleaning of door handles, tables, chairs, workstations, and other communal areas will help keep your employees safe, healthy, and happy. Sanitation stations strategically placed throughout the office, particularly in communal areas, can help to reduce the spread of germs among workers.

Improving Air Quality

When the temperature is chilly, people are less likely to open windows. During the winter, the air inside a workplace can get stuffy and stagnant. Uncirculated air is not only bad for concentration and productivity, but it can also lead to the accumulation of allergies and toxins. Investing in office plants or air purifiers is a way to counter poor air quality even when the windows are closed.

Cleaning Office Windows

Although you may not consider washing your windows in the winter, rinsing accumulated filth on a regular basis will provide various benefits. The most obvious one is making a workplace appear more appealing, which enhances your professional image. Clean windows let in more natural light, which improves air quality and absorbs excess moisture from floors and carpets. Sunlight is also a fantastic solution to seasonal ailments.

Use Sanitizers

Have sanitizing wipes on hand in the conference rooms and common spaces. A short swipe of a sterilized disposable cloth can mean the difference between remaining healthy and returning home with a cold. Pens, markers, three-hole punches, and photocopiers sometimes go uncleaned for months or even years. Also, keep some hand sanitizer in the mailroom and conference room in case you need to wipe your hands quickly.

Schedule More Thorough Office Cleaning

Many organizations hire cleaning services to provide cleaning a few times a week. However, during the cold season, it may be beneficial to increase the number of times cleaning is done. Deep cleaning regularly includes detailed and demanding cleaning tasks that are not included in regular cleaning. This includes detailed cleaning of switches and light fixtures, scrubbing the toilets and other surfaces in the bathroom, dusting ledges, baseboards, and vents just to mention a few. This keeps the working environment healthy and safe. 

Call On Tidy Team Cleaning Services

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