Ceiling Tile and Vent Cleaning

Ceiling Tile and Vent CleaningCeiling tiles and vents in your workplace may be among the most overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Keeping ceiling tiles and vents properly cleaned not only makes your business cleaner but also safer. Think about it the next time you see dust, debris, or dirt floating around your office from the less than clean HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) vents or when something unidentified comes floating down from the ceiling and lands on your desk. If you can’t remember the last time your ceiling tiles and HVAC vents were cleaned, the time is now to get the job done right.

HVAC Concerns and Cleaning

Studies have shown a single ounce of dust is home to 40,000 or so dust mites. Which means depending on the size of your workplace environment, there are billions of dust mites making their home in the building. Even if your workplace is an office and not an industrial facility, normal office activities generate contaminants like dust, dander, debris, and chemicals, not including the pollen and other pollutants brought in by employees and customers. As these pollutants are circulated daily by your HVAC system, vents collect the build-up, and the whole process can result in issues – allergies, asthma, respiratory problems – for those doing business within. In addition to lost productivity when employees are sick, dirty vents reduce energy efficiency and cost your business even more.

You can easily determine if your vents need cleaning by looking. If your vents need cleaning, you’ll see debris, dust, and more collecting on the intake/outtake vents in your workplace. Wipe your finger across the panel and a take examine the particles being circulated daily in your space. Your vents need to be cleaned, by a professional, at least annually, and depending on your business, possibly more often. Professional cleaning services will also replace filters and notify you if any issues are noted.  Your HVAC duct systems should be professionally cleaned every three to five years, again depending on the nature of your business.

Ceiling Tile Concerns and Cleaning

While walls and floors get all the attention when it comes to cleaning, the ceiling is equally important. Dirty, stained, and dust coated ceiling tiles not only detract from your space’s aesthetics, but also contribute to illness among your employees. Keeping ceiling tiles clean means healthier air quality, better sound barriers, and fire protection, plus clean ceiling tiles last longer. Ceiling tiles should be professionally cleaned and maintained every two to five years. The professionals will cover your furnishings and equipment before the cleaning begins. First the tiles will be brushed and vacuumed, followed by the safe, application of specialized enzymatic cleaners. The professionals can also cover minor stains with specialty products that won’t affect your ceiling tile’s performance and save you the cost of having to replace tiles. After a professional cleaning, not only will your office look better, your tiles will be more functional, and the air within your office will be more healthful.

Ceiling Tiles and HVAC Systems Working in Harmony

Your ceiling tiles and HVAC system should work together keeping your office spaces safe and healthy for your employees and customers. HVAC systems trap dust and other contaminants, and they often generate static electricity which causes circulating dust and pollutants to adhere to your ceiling tiles. Keeping the HVAC system clean with professional cleanings and filter replacements means efficient operation, a healthier environment, and cleaner ceiling tiles which can function properly.

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