Why Choose Pressure Cleaning?

Why Choose Pressure Cleaning?Pressure cleaning is always a great idea for your business, to keep mold away and keep your business clean and well-maintained. The warmth and humidity here in Florida make any time of year a great time for pressure cleaning your company’s exterior. The appearance of your business year-round makes an impression on your clients and colleagues – negative or positive.

Without pressure cleaning, the negative effects of heat and humidity will worsen. Pressure cleaning is the most efficient way to effectively remove abundant mold growth and eliminate the algae buildup – helping you make a great first impression on those visiting your business as well ensuring your employees are proud of their workplace. Simply stated, pressure washing improves your business’s curb appeal, making your company’s exterior look fresh and well-cared for, setting a positive tone for customers and potential customers.

Pressure cleaning promises many advantages. One advantage is the elimination of harmful chemicals, which can be dangerous to your employees and your clients and damage delicate tropical foliage in your commercial landscaping. Pressure cleaning removes dust, mud, dirt, mold, and algae safely without the side effect harmful chemicals including toxic polluting agents. With grime, dirt, mold, and mildew effectively removed, your company’s exterior is safe from breaking down and premature aging of wood, stone, brick, and other surfaces. Pressure cleaning can also be used to clean fencing, doors, driveways, outdoor furniture, signage, and exterior décor.

When hiring a service to pressure clean your business, you want to choose a professional service with committed team members who possess the proficiency and expertise to get the job done well and meet your needs. Pressure cleaning is the ideal solution to remove old, peeling paint, mold, dust, mud, dirt, stains, and grime from most surfaces including your buildings, fleet vehicles, roofing, and hard surface walkways without any damage to your property. Pressure cleaning often restores the look of surfaces and can significantly length the life of surfaces while eliminating the need for costly replacement.

In addition, your pressure cleaning service should provide you with a well-trained staff who is knows how to handle the equipment in their charge while following safety protocols to ensure your business, employees, and customers are safe and secure during the cleaning process.

Pressure cleaning also offers a safer and more economical way of cleaning your business property. Additionally, pressure cleaning is an eco-friendly process that protects the environment and helps you enhance your company’s appearance. Pressure cleaning requires NO costly, toxic, dangerous chemical substances that damage surfaces and harm the environment, including your commercial landscaping, and pose a threat to your employees and customers.

Pressure cleaning utilizes water (cold or hot) water and high pressure for effective cleaning. Cold water pressure cleaning is best at removing paint or mildew. Hot water pressure cleaners add an extra measure of cleansing power without the need for chemicals. By warming up the surface, the unwanted particles on surfaces are easier to remove.

Pressure cleaners are also eco-friendly because they use less water because they use force behind the water, less water is required to achieve clean surfaces. On top of that, pressure cleaners effectively use electricity with a wattage similar to a ceiling fan on low, making the overall environmental cost low.

Pressure cleaning saves you and your business money and time while avoiding the potential damage caused by other industrial cleaning methods. Keeping your business clean inside and out is what the cleaning professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning Services do, expertly day in and day out. Call on the team to perform your pressure cleaning on the exterior of your business, including buildings, vehicles, roofs, and walkways. You will be glad you did!