How Clean Are Your Office Bathrooms? The Dirtiest Parts Of The Bathroom

How Clean Are Your Office BathroomsYour office bathrooms could be harboring loads of germs that are making employees sick while simultaneously grossing them out. A clean office bathroom not only looks clean but it should pass a rigorous germ test. Sanitary surfaces are defined as having no more than 1,000 bacteria per square inch, which is clean enough to eat off—although, we highly doubt anyone is going to want to eat off the toilet or sink, no matter how clean they are.

Regardless if employees are snacking in the bathroom or not, no one wants to use a dirty restroom. Your employees will not remain your employees for long if they are forced to endure a less than sanitary environment in the restroom. OSHA Regulations require all permanent places of employment to offer sanitized bathrooms that are available to employees at all times.

Hiring the right commercial cleaning service for the job will keep your bathrooms at peak sanitization. As a result, you reduce the risk of illness and contamination and improve employee moral, health and overall productivity.

The Drawbacks To Dirty Office Bathrooms

Dirty office bathrooms present a number of unexpected drawbacks, such as:

-Increased illness and absence amongst employees.

-Decreased employee moral, and higher employee turnover rates.

-Customers get a negative impression of your business and the type of work you do.

-Decreased opportunities and revenue.

It might sound dramatic, perhaps you’re even thinking—BUT IT’S JUST A BATHROOM!—but trust us, bathrooms are so important because everyone uses them every single day.

Bathrooms that are not cleaned on a very regular basis are teeming with all types of icky things like Strep, respiratory illnesses, Staph, and other germs and bacteria.

Simply using an old mop and bucket to clean up the bathroom is not going to do the trick, especially in bathrooms that get high traffic. You need the right chemicals, tools and procedures to clean all areas, especially areas that are more prone to contamination.

What Are The Dirtiest Parts Of Office Bathrooms?

You might think the toilet is the dirtiest part of the bathroom, but think again. Your smartphone is likely more germ-ridden than the toilets in your office. That’s not to say the toilet isn’t full of icky germs and bacteria, because it is. Toilets need to be regularly cleaned in every last nook and cranny to prevent the build up of germs and bacteria. Yet, most bacteria cannot survive for very long on the toilet seat’s harsh environment. There are other parts of the bathroom that are much dirtier.

For one, toilets toss fecal matter and other icky particles into the air every time they are flushed, spewing bacteria all around surrounding surfaces. That’s why regular cleaning of each stall, and not just the toilets, is so important. Otherwise, you leave behind invisible fecal matter particles populating the floor, bathroom door and so forth.

The floor tends to be one of the dirtiest parts of the bathroom, containing more germs and bacteria than you’d ever want to see under a microscope. ABC News had a floor test conducted on their bathrooms and it revealed 2 million bacteria per square inch.

The same test in the lady’s restroom at ABC News revealed the sanitary napkin disposal unit contained more germs than any other surface in the bathroom. 

Hand blowers can cause more harm than good by blowing bacteria off of people’s hands and all around the restroom. That means any surfaces near a hand blower must be cleaned with extreme attention to detail.

The door handles and bathroom seats are often the cleanest parts of office bathrooms, simply because we give them a lot of thought and tend to treat them like the dirtiest surfaces. Think about it, no one really touches the toilet seat and many people also avoid touching door handles by using a napkin as a buffer.

The Tidy Team Difference

A quality cleaning company understands where germs hide and how to exterminate them.  We pay keen attention to every last detail, ensuring your office bathrooms are as sanitary as possible.  We accomplish that by:

-Using the right mix of chemicals to sanitize and clean walls, floors, urinals, sinks, toilets, mirrors and other bathroom fixtures.

-Cleaning all corners of the toilet or urinal, including those nearly impossible to reach places where germs and bacteria love to hide.

-Spot cleaning and deep cleaning surfaces, removing built up gunk, debris and dark lines from tile grout.

-Dusting or vacuuming vents as needed.

-Thoroughly cleaning corners, baseboards and ceilings.

-Checking to make sure that soap and paper towel dispensers are full and in working order.

-Targeting “hot spots” where germs are known to flourish in bathrooms.

-Removing all trash and debris; replace trash bins with new bags.

-Using the right time frame to clean and disinfect surfaces so that they not only look clean but also are actually sanitized.

-Washing floors and counters near the sink where splash back occurs.

-Restocking toilet paper and other important supplies.

-Emptying out sanitary disposals and thoroughly cleaning them as well.

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