A Clean Office Can Boost Productivity

A Clean Office Can Boost ProductivityAs the business owner or entrepreneur, running your company effectively and successfully means not only handling the day to day aspects of your business, but also the maintenance of your office space, building, retail space, or warehouse. And, these aren’t one time considerations, but day to day concerns that must be addressed on an ongoing basis to keep your business going well into the future. With that in mind, you know that you need to do everything in your power to make your business successful from offering the best products and services to keeping your employees productive, happy, and focused.

It may surprise to know that a key way to boost employees’ productivity is through a clean work environment. That means keeping your office neat, tidy, and clean, as well as keeping up larger cleaning projects like floors, carpets, windows, etc. cleaned regularly and looking fresh. If you aren’t keeping your business spaces clean, your team’s productivity is probably suffering. And if you doubt the truth of this claim, read on.

Commercial Cleaning Improves Air Quality and Reduces Allergies

Using a commercial cleaning services consistently on a regular basis means you are reducing the allergens which affect the air quality of your work space. Carpeted areas are the most notorious for capturing allergens, but so are area rugs, drapes, and curtains, and all of this contributes to poor air quality and allergy flare-ups. Allergies can cause employees to head to the doctor instead of to work, with headaches, itchy and watery eyes, runny noses, scratchy throats, hives, and even trouble breaking. Considering that more than 16 million doctor’s visits annually are the result of allergies, its not hard to believe that employees are missing a lot of time a work, thus decreasing productivity. Keeping your work environment clean, including carpets, means improved air quality, reduced allergens, and greater productivity.

Commercial Cleaning Keeps Germs Away

Not only does keeping your work space clean, keep allergens under control, it also reduces the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses among your employees. Did you know that 200,000 bacteria live in a single square inch of carpet? Or that more than 7,500 bacteria can live on an office keyboard? Or that viruses (like the flu) can thrive on unclean surfaces (like keyboards) for up to 24 hours? These statistics feed into the real shocker, which is employees, on average, miss nine days of work annually for sickness.  And this leads back to the fact that keeping your carpets, your offices, and your work environment clean will reduce the spread of germs – including those pesky bacteria and viruses – which spread so quickly in your office and lead to sick employees, and loss of productivity and dollars. Keeping your space clean means employees stay healthy, focused, and productive.

Commercial Cleaning Enhances Employee Morale

In many cases, your employees can spend more time at work than anywhere else. Knowing this makes the environment in which you provide instrumental to not only their health, but their happiness as well. Dirt, grime, clutter, and even smell can affect motivation and morale, causing stress and frustration. Keeping your employees comfortable, motivated, and happy starts with a clean, orderly, and fresh smelling work environment. What comes next are employees who don’ mind staying late to help each other or finish a project or meet a deadline – and productivity increases as a result!

Commercial Cleaning Increases Your Company’s Appeal

As a bonus, keeping your office or work environment clean, fresh, and attractive, while boosting productivity, also positively influences clients, customers, and colleagues. Your business’s appearance often makes the first impression – positive or negative – on potential customers and employees. With a clean and organized work space, you’ll show everyone – from employees to customers – how much your care and make an excellent first impression.

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