How To Clean Office Windows Without Streaks

How To Clean Office Windows Without StreaksThe number one way to ensure clean office windows with no streaks is to hire the leading commercial window cleaners in Pompano Beach, Tidy Team. We make your office windows shine like new thanks to our unsurpassed window washing skills.

When it comes to spot cleaning lower-level or interior windows in between professional cleanings, here are some great tips to get the job done without leaving streaks behind.

*For safety reasons, untrained individuals should avoid cleaning exterior windows past the first floor. It can be just as unsafe and ineffective to clean exterior windows by reaching outside of interior windows.

#1. The type of water you use can make a big difference. 

The content of your water will impact the results of your window cleaning efforts. Hard water or water that contains higher levels of magnesium and calcium is more likely to leave behind streaks or white spots. If you are using water to dilute glass cleaner, you might want to splurge on distilled water and avoid your tap. This will help prevent leaving behind streaky deposits. For larger window cleaning jobs, additional techniques are applied to prevent streaks without going through several cases of bottled water.

#2. Combine 1 Part Vinegar + 1 Part Water

Get an empty spray bottle and add 50% water with 50% vinegar. That’s all you need for the perfect window cleaning spritzer. Spray or wipe the solution on windows or glass, just as you would any other cleaner, and get to scrubbing. If you can’t stand the smell of vinegar, this tip isn’t for you.

#3. Work in small sections and avoid spraying large areas at once.

The number one most common reason people get streaky windows is because they try to clean too much surface area at once. If you spray too much, your cleaner will start to dry before you get to it, adding more streaks and spots to windows.  Spray small areas at a time so you can wipe it before it dries. This might sound like a slower way to work but it’s actually faster and more productive.

#4. Wait until the sun goes down before you clean. 

You’ll have even less time to wipe up moisture if the sun is in direct contact with the window you are cleaning. The sun will heat up the cleaner and cause it to dry faster, increasing your chances for streaky windows.

#5. Go easy on the soap.

If you’re using soap to scrub at stubborn window stains or bird poop, just be careful that you don’t use too much of the foamy stuff. Soap can create a buildup on windows if you use too much or do not thoroughly remove all traces of soap before finishing cleaning windows.

#6. Ditch the paper towels for a microfiber cloth. 

Paper towels leave behind linty streaks and lines that you can avoid by simply using a squeegee or microfiber cloth.

#7. Buff the windows before you consider it a job well done. 

Use a clean and dry chamois or microfiber cloth to go back over the window when you are done cleaning. This removes any remaining streaks.

#8. Regular commercial window cleaning for the win.

The more frequently you clean windows, the less dirt and grime they’ll have time to accumulate, making each cleaning endeavor that much easier. For instance, if a sink or sprinkler system regularly sprays hard water on glass windows it’ll produce a buildup of white spots. These spots become increasingly difficult to remove if they are not cleaned on a regular basis.

How Often Do Commercial Windows Need to be Professionally Cleaned?

Healthcare building: once a month

Office building: twice a year

Restaurant: as much as 2 times per month

Retail store: as much as 1 time per month for locations with heavy foot traffic

Some factors that’ll influence how often your commercial windows require professional cleaning: 

-Your location: If you are located near a busy highway, roadway, or near the coast, you will require more frequent window washings.

-The number of windows you have: If your entire building is made of windows, you’ll need to have them cleaned more often than if you just have a few windows to worry about.

-The industry you are in: Certain industries, such as restaurants or clothing stores, requite more frequent window cleanings to keep up appearances and maintain customers.

Commercial Window Cleaning in Pompano Beach 

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