A Clean Restaurant Means Repeat Business and Free Word of Mouth Marketing

A Clean Restaurant Means Repeat Business and Free Word of Mouth MarketingIn the restaurant business, you do lots of things to ensure your customers keep coming back for more. In addition, you want to attract new customers to keep your restaurant growing and successful. Great food, delicious specials, coupons, and even loyalty cards are used extensively to encourage regulars and newcomers alike to come into your restaurant. But there may be one very important thing you are missing – if your restaurant is dirty, dusty, smelly, and just a mess – even the best culinary school chef and coupons won’t help!

The Truth

In 2016, a study commissioned by Cintas Corporation and carried out by Harris Poll showed that 97 percent of patrons would not return to a restaurant in which they had experienced difficulties with the facility. The survey participants top five factors were all about the lack of cleanliness in the restaurant and included dirty surfaces (tables, chairs, booths, floors), a bad odor, dirty restrooms (odor included), dirty floors, and poor entryway cleanliness.

Keeping Clean

Now, as a restauranteur, especially if you are both chef and owner, you are often focused on the back of the house where you prepare delectable dishes for your patrons. The problem is your patrons are focused on the front of the house when they determine whether or not they will grace your establishment a second time. The question is how are you going to keep the front of the house clean and sparking so your facility cleanliness matches the quality of the food you are preparing. Keeping a restaurant clean is not an easy task – from tables to floors to entryways and restrooms, keeping things clean is a full-time job.

The Solution

Enter your quality commercial cleaning service and problem solved. A commercial cleaning service means your restaurant is clean and you become the recipient of repeat business, and new business as a result of the excellent word of mouth advertising your current diners are providing.

A quality professional commercial cleaning team will deliver in a number of areas – from the bathroom to the dining room to the entryway – ensuring a deep clean that your patrons will appreciate.

When selecting a commercial cleaning team for your restaurant, find a company that does the basics like vacuuming, dusting, wipe downs, and mopping, of course. But in addition, you want a company who goes beyond to get rid of the deep-seated dirt, grime, and odors.

Your commercial cleaning team should have the ability to perform specialized services unique to a restaurant’s needs, including:

  • Window Cleaning (seen from the outside, clean windows make a good first impression for your customers)
  • Pressure Cleaning (outside and in, from patios to sidewalks to awnings)
  • Steam Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning (ideal if your entryway has carpet or your booths and chairs feature upholstered details)
  • Vinyl Tile, Stripping and Waxing (your patrons want clean and shiny and a quality service will deliver keeping floors and other vinyl surfaces looking great)
  • Steam Ceramic Tile and Grout Cleaning (perfect for keeping those bathroom surfaces and restaurant floors in like new condition)

While this may sound like something that will cost you a lot of money, consider the money lost if your patrons see your restaurant as dirty and malodorous. A quality commercial cleaning service should provide all this and more at reasonable pricing which overall will be of great value to you, your restaurant, and your customers.

Call on the professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to see the difference attention to detail can make in your restaurant. We promise custom quotes, specific to your needs, designed to meet and exceed your expectations and ensure repeat business and new customers, while you focus on the food!