Cleaning After a Renovation

After a renovation, residential and commercial spaces are often left messy. The thought process of where to begin cleaning can be overwhelming if the mess consumes a large area. If you took preventative steps before construction to minimize the mess, then the process will not be as extensive. Cleaning properly after your renovation will avoid having to reclean the renovation area before moving forward.

Using the Right Materials

Preparing to clean after a renovation can be done before the project has finished. Having the right roles assigned o clean results in an efficient process. Materials that can assist in the clean-up process include a HEPA vacuum cleaner, mop, duster, air filters, and a broom. These tools in the hands of the right people can assist in cleaning up the construction area once the project is complete.

Seal off the Site

Prior to the cleaning process, seal off the construction site. Sealing off the area can avoid dust from moving around different parts of the residential or commercial building. Using plastic to seal off the area by taping it to the walls can get the job done. Ensure every inch is covered for maximum protection.

Replace Air Filters

If your air ducts were not covered before construction started, then there is most likely dust trapped in your air filters. Replacing air filters after construction will avoid spreading trapped dust after you have properly cleaned.

Cleaning-up After Renovating

After a renovation, there are plenty of items that need to be cleaned. Generally, post-renovation cleaning can include sweeping, mopping, dusting, and more. Sweeping and vacuuming floors, ceilings, and walls are essential to remove dust and debris. Using a HEPA vacuum can help expedite the cleaning process. Vacuuming every surface of your home or business will ensure the dust is removed. Once you have vacuumed, mop the area to keep the dust maintained.

Disinfecting floors is also necessary to ensure bacteria and allergens are not clinging to them. Common items that are easy to forget about cleaning are knobs and baseboards. To avoid dust from refilling your home or business, clean all ducts, vents, and fans. There are plenty of items that can be easily passed over, but here is a list to guide your cleaning efforts:

  • Dust and wipe down all windows, vents, fans, shelves, knobs, molding, baseboards
  • Vacuum all upholstery and flooring
  • Sweep and mop floors
  • Throw away any trash with leftover debris
  • Cleaning air ducts
  • Clean carpets
  • Remove dust on furniture

Touch-up Cleaning

Post-construction clean-up will remove a majority of dust if it is done correctly.
However, in the days following, you might notice more dust begins to settle on a few surfaces. Using a wet microfiber cloth to wipe down walls and other surfaces and help remove the lingering dust.

Hiring Professional Cleaners

A renovation clean-up can be overwhelming and take days to finish. Calling in professionals with the proper tools and technology to clean up proficiently can help ease the clean-up headache. With most clean-ups needing special equipment, a professional cleaning service like Tidy Team provides the services you need at a feasible price. Do not waste money renting or buying expensive materials that you will only use once to clean. Choosing to buy some of these materials can result in a higher bill. When using a team of trusted professionals, you can expect the mess to be gone in no time. Experts will know how to properly:

  • Disinfect all surfaces
  • Clean windows, ceilings, floors, and walls
  • Remove construction tape and other materials without leaving residue or damaging surfaces

Experts know and understand the tactics of cleaning. Tidy Team Cleaning Services will ensure to complete the renovation clean-up checklist to get your space back to normal.