Cleaning After a Summer Office Party

Everyone loves a good summer party, especially in the office midday. Summer parties are a great way for employees to come together and bond over games and food. Throwing an office party is exciting, but after comes the cleanup. What is more fun than cleaning up before going back to work or heading home for a day? You might be able to list a few. Cleaning can be a dreadful activity, especially after hours of fun. To avoid dealing with a mess, call in a cleaning crew to assist and limit the mess that is made.

Start Your Party Clean

While an office might be a bit dirty prior to the party starts, to ensure a fast clean-up process, ensure the space is cleaned beforehand. Having a clean office before the party starts can provide an opportunity for a speedier cleanup process. Clean out the office kitchen sink and dishwasher, empty all the trash cans, and make sure there’s room in the fridge for leftovers. Having trash cans full and dirty dishes piled in the sink before a party starts can be disastrous.

Consider Taking the Party Outdoors

Most office buildings have either an outdoor lawn or seating area. If not, simply renting a few tables and chairs can allow for the fun to be taken outside. Outdoor spaces can be a nice setting for an office gathering. Summertime provides nice weather and spacious areas for outdoor games to be set up. Another benefit of having an outdoor party is carpeting can stay clean and the worries of spillages drastically decrease. Consider renting a party canopy in case of any changing weather, and a porta-potty to avoid messes occurring indoors.

Picking Up As You Go

While cleaning will want to be the last worry on your mind during an office party, try to clean as the event occurs. Be prepared for if spillages occur and act fast. Keeping an eye open for these situations can result in urgent situations being handled right away. Having a cleaner on hand will assist with preparedness.

If you have plastic items at the party, ensure that they are distinguishable. Set out labels for trash and recyclables so that partiers know which one to put their trash in. While some might not pay attention to the signs, it is essential to not sweat it if a plastic bottle finds its way to the trash can. Perhaps before the party, make an announcement to guests letting them know where the bathrooms and trash cans are located if they are unaware.

After a party, if you are too exhausted to think about cleaning up, the number one task that should be crossed off your list is taking out the trash to avoid unwanted insects and pests. If you can push through the process, it will be more rewarding to clean up after a party and come back in the morning to a clean office.
Another must-do task before heading home is removing water rings, especially if they are on wooden tables. A party with no coasters is likely to result in water rings here and there. Checking around for water rings and cleaning them up can avoid damage to furniture.

Hiring a Cleaning Service

Since throwing a party is exhausting, consider hiring cleaning services to pick up the mess. For over 30 years, Tidy Team Cleaning services has assisted Broward county in providing clean homes and offices. Offering thorough and quick cleaning services, be prepared to walk into the office the next day without a trace of a party. For more information, contact Tidy Team Cleaning Services today.