Cleaning After an Office Party – Checklist You Need

Office parties come around for many occasions, from birthdays, company milestones, potlucks, and retirement parties to celebrating team victories. However, with parties comes a mess you must tackle the next day. While office parties are a lucrative way to bring joy to your workplace, dealing with the aftermath is often tedious. 

Depending on how big the party was, you may either handle the clean-up yourself or invite a professional cleaning team to help you. So, if you’ve just had an office party and don’t know where to begin with the cleaning process, here are some suggestions that can help ease the process. 

Place Recycling and Trash Bins

To ensure your office stays clean during and after the party, place trash and recycling bins in the gathering areas. Labeling these bins can make it easier for guests to know where to discard trash. Remember to leave extra trash bags by the trash bins so the cleaners can reline them quickly. Moreover, having plenty of trash bins will make clean-up much easier the next day. 

Store Any Leftovers

Be sure to carry a few storage containers for leftovers and keep them in the fridge before they stay out for too long and spoil. Labeling these containers can help employees the next day if they want to enjoy these foods. Moreover, if people know what is in the storage containers, the leftovers can be saved from going to waste. 

Communicate with Management

Keeping in touch with your management team will help manage the clean-up process. If the management is made aware of the challenges you are dealing with, you may receive help or tools to clean up optimally. If there are any delays or you need to move people from certain areas to clean, management can help with that. 

Start With Large Pieces of Trash

One of the best cleaning practices is to start with large pieces of trash. Make a round with a large trash bag and pick up items like cups, plates, or other large disposable items. Once you discard the larger pieces of trash, cleaning other areas will be easier.   

Spot Clean Stains and Spills

The toughest challenges in any cleanup are stains and spills. If you notice any spilled drinks during the party, clean them right away. It will save you time and effort of cleaning the next day. The faster you act, the easier it will be to clean stains and spills since the longer they sit, the harder it is to clean afterward. Remember to clean coffee or wine stains before you tend to other tasks as they can permanently damage carpets or floors if left unattended. 

Store The Decorations

Grab a storage container and neatly store away any decorations you may want to use next year or for another party. Remember to dispose of any decorations you will not reuse or that were damaged during the party. 

Mop the Floors and Tiles

Once you have cleared all the trash, it is time to vacuum and mop the floors. You should start with tiled areas as they accumulate dirt quickly. If you find cleaning grout challenging, consider hiring a professional cleaning service provider to help clean tiled floors. Once the floors are vacuumed, mop them with a disinfectant solution to make them sparkle. 

Disinfect All Surfaces

Finally, sanitize all surfaces, including furniture, shelves, and appliances. If you find it easier to delegate this task to an expert team, consider contacting Tidy Team to help you disinfect your workspace. 

Final Take

Whether it is a company-wide event or a team celebration, the aftermath of a party is always messy. To make it easy for your guests and cleaning team, consider consigning your pre and after-party cleaning tasks to a professional cleaning team. The experts at Tidy Team have the proper tools and experience to thoroughly clean your office and prep it for business as usual. If you want to learn more about our services or book an appointment, call us today!