Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Winter

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for WinterDuring winter, keeping your business clean is very important for several reasons. First, it keeps you, your employees, and your clients or customers, healthy and happy. Second, you want your business space to look clean and cared for, always welcoming to your visitors.

Winter cleaning often requires a bit more attention because the climate is changing to some degree no matter where you live and work. Changes in humidity cause foggy films on your mirrors, windows, and even furniture. If your location is in an area that gets snow, ice, or rain in the winter months, you’ll find all manner of debris being tracked into your company by employees, customers, delivery people, etc. The heat is likely turned on all the time and with the windows closed, dust abounds.

Now let’s explore some tips and tricks for cleaning and maintenance in the winter.

Check out Your Heating System

Now is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with your heating and cooling professional to check out and tune up your system. The technician will inspect your system, clean it up, make any needed repairs, and check for carbon-monoxide leakage. Consider adding an annual maintenance contract if you don’t have one already, it gives your business priority service and usually a discount of off every visit. It is time to change your furnace filters, too, a task you should be doing monthly or at least every two months to keep the air in your office clean.

Dust Everything

Because of the changing humidity, your commercial space will be dustier than normal in winter. Dust every surface from top to bottom regularly to keep dust down. Don’t forget the molding at the tops of your windows, the ceiling fans, your light fixtures, vents, and any items on higher shelves that often get missed. It is also an opportune time to get your business’s air ducts cleaned by a professional technician to reduce dust and allergens in your offices.

Deep Clean Your Floors and Carpet

Whether you have hardwoods, carpeting, tile, vinyl, or laminate flooring, all floors take a beating in winter. Now is the time to steam clean your carpet and rid it of fungus and bacteria that often find their way into your carpet on damp winter days. Keep your other floor surfaces clean and shining with additional cleanings. It is also a good idea to keep a dry mop handy to keep floors dry when visitors track moisture in – not only will keeping floors dry protect your floors, but it will also keep accidents away.

Clean the Windows, Mirrors, and All Glass Surfaces

Windows seem to get dirtier in winter, possibly because of colder air outside and warm air inside causing condensation, so keep them clean with regular cleaning. If your business has glass doors, washing them inside and out daily makes your entryway more welcoming to customers. If you have mirrors (and you do, if no where except the restrooms) keep them clean as well.

Seal Air Leaks around Windows and Doors

Winter is the ideal time to seal any air leaks around windows, doors, even the places wires and pipes enter your business. These air leaks waste energy, costing you money that your company could use elsewhere.

These tips should get you well started performing winter cleaning and maintenance for your business. Should you need assistance, call on the team at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to deliver the best in commercial cleaning for you and your business.