Cleaning Medical Facilities Well

Even before being in the midst of a global pandemic, and now even more so, the proper cleaning of medical facilities is crucial. The goal of medical facilities is to enable and encourage wellness, while preventing the spread of pathogens among patients. Doing so requires medical facilities to observe stringent cleaning procedures which not only reduce the risk of contamination but also provide optimal disinfection and sanitization.

Medical professionals wash their hands frequently throughout the day, before and after every patient and procedure. And, for patients and family members, the hope is that hospitals and other medical facilities are sterile, clean, and disinfected, much like the hands of medical professionals who provide the care.

In the past, studies have shown this may not be as true as imagined. Among the most contaminated surfaces in medical facilities are those nearest to patients, like the floors of patient/exam rooms, bed rails on beds, the handles of supply carts, touch pads, and infusion pumps. Some of the issues arise from patients contaminating the space, increasing the need for appropriate cleaning, disinfection, and sanitization between patients. Attention to detail is the key to success in cleaning medical facilities well.

Regular cleaning should include not only high touch points but also overlooked areas. In medical facilities, the areas often receiving the greatest attention and care during cleaning are sinks, toilets, and countertops, while phones, toilet handles, and tables were often overlooked or simply not properly cleaned. Doorknobs and push bars used to enter rooms as well as pulls and knobs on storage doors are also often overlooked, laden with germs and grime.

Cleaning Medical Facilities with the Needed Care

In the age of COVID-19, cleaning well has taken on new meaning, and includes disinfection and sanitization to prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens in medical facilities. Tidy Team Cleaning Services offers these tips on cleaning medical facilities thoroughly and effectively.

  • Soft surfaces, like carpeting, rugs, upholstered furnishings, and window treatments should be deep cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning company. The use of professional cleaning services for soft surfaces thoroughly cleans, reduces downtime required, and improves the air quality in your medical facility.
  • Windows, walkways, entryways, doors, sidewalks, hallways, and other areas traversed regularly by medical personnel and patients should be deep cleaned by professionals using hospital grade disinfectant. This includes doorknobs, push bars, and other related high touch areas, inside and outside the building.
  • In addition, entryway mats should be kept clean of debris, and sanitized frequently to defend against viruses, bacteria, allergens, dirt, and more from being tracked into the medical facility.
  • Hard surfaces, like flooring, should be professionally cleaned on a regular basis using appropriate cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing products and techniques. This includes tile and grout, as well as other hard surfaces.
  • Cleaning tools such as microfiber cloths, sponges, mops, brooms, and more should be cleaned or laundered with proper solutions or at temperatures designed to kill bacteria and viruses and in compliance with OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) standards.
  • Medical and administrative staff members should be trained on the dangers of cross-contamination, dealing with infection, and effective cleaning products and procedures.

Clean, Disinfected, and Sanitized Medical Facilities

Clean, disinfected, and sanitized medical facilities are more important than ever. In keeping with current CDC guidelines, Tidy Team Cleaning Services provides exceptional janitorial services along with the addition of a disinfection and sanitization services to ensure your medical facility is cleaned well and ready to serve patients. Tidy Team offers janitorial services for medical, commercial, and office facilities including carpet and upholstery cleaning, hard surface cleaning, pressure cleaning, window cleaning, and the latest in disinfection and sanitization with a hospital grade solution.