Cleaning Office Spaces Effectively

As employees begin to slowly make their way back into the office, ensuring a safe and clean workplace is crucial. Providing a clean workplace should be a top priority of employers with returning employees. Creating a clean environment on a daily basis encourages an environment of wellness and productivity. If employees do not feel like they are in a safe and clean environment, productivity is likely to decrease. When employees feel safe, they are less likely to be preoccupied with worrying thoughts. Regular cleaning and sanitation stations can help create a safe and comfortable office space.

Cleaning Regularly

When it comes to extensive cleaning, most deep cleaning duties occur once a month. However, in the era of COVID-19, it has become necessary to deep clean more than usual. Regular cleaning ensures that all surfaces are effectively cleaned and sanitized. Ensuring the cleaning of high touchpoints or overlooked areas is essential as these areas can be easy to miss. More frequent cleaning tasks should include countertops, desks, doorknobs, printers, handles, computers, and more. These areas are touched by multiple employees per day and are likely to contribute to a COVID spread.

Keep Offices Decluttered

If you work in an office with multiple employees, clutter can accumulate quickly and easily, making it more difficult to efficiently clean office spaces. Cluttered workspaces can also lead to possible cross-contamination, especially if there are objects, tools, and equipment continuously touched by multiple employees. Cleaning is much easier when the space is organized. A professional cleaning service can assist in removing germs from cluttered areas. With highly-trained professionals, you will not have to worry about germs spreading.

Sanitation Stations

Providing efficient cleaning services every hour of the day is not ideal or practical. However, while working with multiple people in an office, ongoing sanitation is necessary. Have your employees join the effort to disinfect your office with sanitation stations located around the office to encourage employees to clean up after themselves. Putting up signs to ask employees to wipe down surfaces they just used can result in a safer environment. The surfaces employees can contribute to wiping down include office sinks, refrigerators, shared computer, POS systems, copiers, telephones, microwaves, and other commonly touched surfaces. Be sure to also provide a trash can or recycling bin for your employees to use. The contribution of cleaning from employees can minimize the chances of an outbreak.

Floor Cleaning

Cleaning floors regularly can avoid accidents from occurring. Certain floor surfaces, such as tile and wood, need to be cleaned multiple times a week. When office floors are cleaned and taken care of, slip hazards are avoided. Using daily and weekly commercial cleaning services can ensure floors are safe and clean on a weekly basis.

Choosing Tidy Team Cleaning Services for Office Cleaning

With business offices opening back up, cleaning services are more needed than ever. At Tidy Team Cleaning Services, we help ensure standard cleaning services that exceed expectations. We offer vast experience that includes attentiveness to the smallest details. Our main focus is to meet and exceed the expectations of our own company’s standards and those we serve. Since every building is different, our team offers customized cleaning services to fit every commercial cleaning space. Maintaining a clean facility is essential, and running a business is time-consuming. The last thing a business owner needs to worry about is cleaning. A professional team can assist in deep cleaning services to promote the health and safety of all occupants. Commercial building owners can contact Tidy Team Cleaning Services to find out more information about personalized cleaning services. Ensure your commercial space is ready to welcome occupants back. Call Tidy Team Cleaning Services today.