Cleaning Restaurants to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations & Standards

Cleaning Restaurants to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Regulations & StandardsThe Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) works to establish and enforce health and safety workplace regulations across a wide variety of industries, including restaurants and other food services.

Restaurants are often visited by OSHA inspectors to ensure an establishment is following all rules and regulations. If a restaurant fails to follow all rules and regulations, they may be fined or receive a deadline by which they must address and fix the issue(s). If issues remain unresolved by the deadline, the OSHA has the right to shut down the establishment. At this point, the restaurant owner still has a chance to redeem themselves by fixing the issue and undergoing re-inspection.

The OSHA looks for sanitation violations, food handling practices, fire safety, age restrictions and working conditions. As a commercial cleaning service, we are well versed in things the OSHA looks for during inspections regarding cleanliness and sanitation. 

Here are Some of the Most Important Areas Restaurants Should Never Overlook.

Restaurant Floors

According to OSHA regulations, flooring surfaces should be clean and dry to prevent injuries related to slipping and falling. This is especially important in areas near a sink, bar, or other water source. These areas should be equipped with floor drains to prevent pools of water from forming. Rubber mats and raised platforms can help further safeguard employees and patrons from slipping and falling on surfaces prone to moisture accumulation.

An inspector will not only look for standing water. They also keep their eyes peeled for loose tiles, holes, gaps in the floor, slants or protruding nails that could potentially harm someone.

Grease Stoves

Stovetops need to be regularly cleaned and properly set up to reduce the risk of employees getting burned or a fire starting. Grease spills should be cleaned up at the end of each day. The OSHA regards grease spills as a form of “poor housekeeping” that results in a higher risk of injury to employees.

Free & Clear Walkways

OSHA inspectors are always on the lookout for messy, dirty, or inadequate walkways. Regular cleaning services are adamant to maintaining clean and clear walkways. Even rips in carpets or uneven flooring surfaces may be cited for repairs, as these increase the risk that someone trips and falls. Regular professional cleaning services extend the life of carpets and other flooring surfaces, reducing how often they need to be replaced.

Tables, Chairs, & Corners Too

There are so many surfaces throughout your restaurant, all of which require proper cleaning techniques and consistent attention to detail. Chairs, booths, tables, menus, and door handles are common areas where dust, germs, and bacteria hide. Cleaning these areas helps promote a professional and tidy appearance, but it also reduces the risk of contamination. 

When Cleaning Products Turn Dangerous

Cleaning products contain chemicals that can have detrimental effects on human health. If the wrong chemical ends up getting inside of food or beverages, someone could become incredibly ill, or even die. If employees use cleaning products it’s so important that they are properly trained and given the right tools to do so.

The OSHA highlights some important factors about cleaning products and the risk of chemical exposures:

-The actual chemical properties of a cleaning product

-Usage of the product and how/where it is stored

-If chemicals splash or spill

-If mists, vapors, or gasses are released when cleaning products are used 

-If good ventilation practices exist

-Types of protective gear you offer employees who clean; gloves, masks, etc.

You can rest assured that we take every precaution possible to safely clean your restaurant. Our highly-experienced cleaners know how to properly use cleaning chemicals in a restaurant environment, plus we have the right tools for the job.

A Clean Restaurant is a Successful Restaurant 

It’s not just inspection day that you need to worry about. Did you know that your employees can file a complaint with the OSHA if they think an establishment is in violation of standards or presents hazards to their health or safety? It’s true. Employees don’t like working in dirty environments and they are likely to tell their friends and family to avoid eating anywhere that doesn’t follow basic sanitation or food handling practices. Your patrons will notice if cleanliness is an issue as well, deterring traffic and repeat customers.

We can help you run a successful restaurant. Let us focus on the cleaning so you can take care of what you do best, delighting people with delicious food!