Cleaning Schools Effectively

Keeping schools clean is more challenging than ever! A school which meets the needs the students, faculty, and support staff must provide a clean, comfortable, healthy environment where learning is the first priority. In today’s day and age of new flu strains and global pandemics, cleaning schools is a chief concern among local governments, school boards, and parents. Schools are large spaces which need to be kept clean and organized for the students, their teachers, and the staff. The task to keep such a large area, inhabited with children daily, clean requires the expertise of a professional commercial cleaning team like the one at Tidy Team Cleaning Services. They know how to take on the challenges of school cleanliness and do so successfully.

When a school isn’t kept at the height of cleanliness, everyone suffers, as illnesses increase along with absences. Students who are ill means parents who must stay home and care for their children, disrupting school and work schedules. Teachers who are sick, have reduced performance, as well as absences, and student learning suffers. Students and teachers need a clean and organized space in which teaching, and learning can be its most successful. Here are the ways schools and commercial cleaning services can work together to see that schools are cleaned effectively.

Keeping Busy Classrooms Decluttered

Each classroom houses a number of students and are home to a great deal of learning activity, which makes it hard to keep clutter away. Clutter, in turn, makes classrooms more difficult to keep clean. Getting the job done is much more than a teacher and her students can do alone. A professional cleaning service can help, ensuring a thorough clean every time; one that can also help eradicate germs and allergens which result in the spread of illness. With a well-qualified professional cleaning service, classrooms in schools can alleviate the everyday messes and keep them from snowballing out of control.

Alleviating The Threat of Germs

Children who enjoy play and learning together can spread bacteria and viruses to one another unknowingly. Illness ensues. Germs can survive on many surfaces, but some areas are more prone to help them thrive. Germs love areas like gyms, locker rooms, bathrooms, and cafeterias, which means these areas need to be cleaned with powerful products and great frequency. A professional cleaning service is equipped to get every area exceptionally clean for the safety of students, faculty, and staff.

Floor Cleaning is Important

Hard surface flooring like tile, wood, and cement should be cleaned appropriately multiple times per week. With each cleaning, care must be taken that slip and fall hazards are not created for those within. Most schools are adopting a daily cleaning approach which includes floor cleaning on a daily basis as well. In addition, these hard surface floors will also need periodic specialty services like grout cleaning, waxing, and more.

Cleaning Shared Spaces

In a school environment, lots of spaces are shared including desks, chairs, and upholstered surfaces like sofas, beanbag chairs, etc. These areas, including rugs, can also harbor germs, which when shared, can increase the chance for germs to spread. Desks and chairs should be disinfected on a daily basis to reduce the possibility of illnesses being spread between students and teachers. Fabric surfaces are more challenging as they can trap not only germs but odors as well. Schools should see that these surfaces are thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis with the necessary cleaners and equipment to prevent the spread of germs and alleviate unwanted odors in the classroom. Vacuuming, steam-cleaning, and deep cleaning are effective methods used by professional cleaning services to keep schools clean and safe.