Cleaning Tips as You Move to Your New Space

Cleaning Tips as You Move to Your New SpaceWhen you move into your new space, be it office or retail, one of the first things you should do is clean. If you purchased your commercial space, it may or may not have been cleaned before the previous owner exited. If you are leasing your space, your landlord or the previous tenant should have had it cleaned following the tenant’s departure from the premise. In all likelihood, that cleaning may not have been done up to the standards you expect, or your business requires. With that in mind, here are some cleaning tips to help you before you move into your new commercial space.

Prepare Yourself

Cleaning your new commercial space is a big job, one that you must prepare for mentally and physically. Get on your work clothes, your comfortable shoes, and have your cleaning supplies at hand: rags, paper towels, trash bags, spray cleaners, brooms, mops, buckets, and even a pressure washer if needed. Mental prep includes reminding yourself the reason you are cleaning – this is the space in which you will welcome your customers, colleagues, and employees and it needs to look its best.

Clear the Space

As you begin, the first order of business is to get rid of the garbage left by the previous occupant. Anything you see that doesn’t belong, goes in the trash and heads to the dumpster.

Sweep, Sweep, Sweep

Once the trash has been cleared and dumped, you’ll want to sweep the floors. There is probably an abundance of dust, so begin by sweeping, more than once if necessary. Do not try to mop the floors clean without sweeping first or you will end up with clumping wet dust to remove. Mopping will come later.

Clean the Walls

If the walls have been freshly painted, you can skip this step. If not, you will need to clean the walls of smudges and sticky spots, before you apply your fresh coats of paint.

Clean Windows and Surfaces

Clean the windows with window cleaner until they are shiny and welcoming. Clean other surfaces with a powerful all-purpose cleaner to get rid of stains, slime, germs, grime, etc. Now repeat both processes again to be certain they are truly clean.

Clean the Floors

Now that your sweeping, wall cleaning, window cleaning, and surface scrubbing are complete you are ready to tackle the floors. Depending on the floor surfaces in your commercial space, this may be a multi-step process. A word or warning, this may take a little elbow grease. For hard surface flooring, grab your mop, bucket, and the appropriate cleaner for the surface and begin. If the mop isn’t doing the trick, you’ll want to get down on your hands and knees and apply the aforementioned ‘elbow grease’ to the trouble spots.

If your office space has carpeting, you can steam clean them yourself or hire a professional to clean those carpeted surfaces before you move in.

Breakrooms and Bathrooms

Since your new commercial space probably has both, you’ll want to follow the steps above in each of these spaces. The breakroom, exclusively for the use of your team of employees should be a clean, relaxing, and comfortable respite. In addition, to the floor and other surfaces you will need to clean the refrigerator, scrub the sink, and clean the microwave.

The bathrooms, as one of the places your customers use to judge your business, must be squeaky clean at all times. Scrub everything, twice, and maybe once more for good measure.

Now if all of this sounds like more than you want to take on as you prepare to move your business to your new space, call on the team at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to get your new space in tip-top move-in-ready condition and keep it that way with one of the custom cleaning plans available.