Commercial Carpet Cleaner Checklist

Commercial Carpet Cleaner ChecklistSpring is the ideal time to plan carpet cleaning for your business. Commercial carpet cleaning not only keeps your carpets clean and helps you make a positive impression on your clients, colleagues, and employees, but it also adds to the length of your carpet’s functionality. After all you want your carpet to look good and last a long time.

Commercial carpet cleaning is an investment in the longevity of your carpet, which means you need to choose your commercial carpet cleaner carefully. A professional team of expert commercial carpet cleaners can add years to the life of your carpet as well as ensuring you meet the terms of your carpet warranty (yes, many warranties are tied to you keeping your carpet clean over the life of the carpet).

Choosing the Best Commercial Carpet Cleaning Company

When choosing a commercial carpet cleaning company, many business owners price out several services, often going with the lowest price bid. Of course, as a business owner, you know this may not be the best way to make your selection – price isn’t the only factor you need to consider when choosing the best commercial carpet cleaning company for your business.

Here are the areas to consider, as well as the questions to ask when choosing the commercial carpet cleaner to protect the investment you have made in your carpet.

Cleaning Method

Always ask the carpet cleaner what carpet cleaning method they use and the potential risk that method poses for your carpet. The method used is dependent on the carpet you have installed in your business. If the incorrect method is used, you will end up with damaged carpeting. The best method of carpet cleaning is known as the low-moisture method because it can achieve a deep clean without damaging your carpet. The dry method, also known as the powder method can cause discoloration while the extraction method can degrade the carpet and the Bonnet Method may void your warranty completely.

Cleaning Chemicals

Like the method, asking about the chemicals used by the carpet cleaner is also important. Ask about negative effects their cleaners can have on the lifetime of your carpet and be certain you express any environmental concerns as well and ask for green cleaners if you so desire. If your cleaner uses the incorrect chemicals for your carpet, damage or discoloration can occur. When you are in doubt, ask the cleaning service to do a test on your carpet before they begin to ensure no adverse reactions occur.

Cleaning Experience and Customer Service

While the cleaning method and the cleaning solutions are very important, so are the cleaners using them. The commercial carpet cleaners you select should know how to appropriately use the equipment and solutions to ensure the safety of your carpet. Ask about training, experience, and certification before the cleaning begins.

When making your decision, do your due diligence and check online reviews as well as references for the company you are considering. Customer service is important, and though you can’t always know for sure until the project is complete, you should be able to get an idea of their level of commitment to their customers before the job begins.

Added Value

Obviously, every company will clean your carpet in some way, but ask if the company you are considering offers any value-added services which set them apart from the competition. Some companies offer a fiber shield add-on which helps protect your carpet between commercial cleanings. Others offer spot cleaning and repairs as part of their service. Others still may only offer cleaning alone.

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