Commercial Cleaning Daily and Weekly Checklists

A checklist is a catalog of modules that you require to validate tasks.. Checklists are utilized in each conceivable department from building inspections, a business enhancement strategy and to multifaceted medical surgeries. Usage of checklists permits you to confirm you don’t forget any fundamental steps.

Checklists give extensive information for each stage in a process, thus keep things systematized. The checklists serve as your memory or reminder of what assignments require to be accomplished to minimize mistakes and errors in the process. The organization of checklists achieves the most potent results. When you have a checklist to follow, it can be a great promoter.

Cleaning Checklist:

Likewise, a cleaning checklist assists you to induce exactly what you will be cleansing each time you clean an office, commercial building, or home. Correspondingly, it must be made accessible on your website and can be sent to the clients so they may know what exactly you will be cleansing.

A cleaning checklist assists to maintain the office tasks in control and guarantees you live in a systematic and disinfected organization.

The commercial cleaning daily and weekly checklist have been described below:

Office, Lobby, Conference, Rooms:

  • Vacuum cleaning: Do vacuum carpeting on daily basis to avoid any allergic issues.
  • Cleanliness of water cooler: Proper polishing and cleanliness of water dispenser or cooler diminish the risk of  the spread of germs.
  • Dusting: Thoroughly cleaning of all horizontal surfaces, involving desktop, files, windowsill, tables, and all the things of furnishings. Also, dust the telephone sets properly.
  • Use of damp clothes: Use wet clothes to remove all the horizontal places to eliminate marks of coffee cups and spillways.
  • Damp-mop hard surfaces: Do damp moping on hard surfaces of the floor to eliminate the spill from a dirty place. Do moist mop in the entranceway and clean the prints of people’s fingers from the entrance glass door.
  • Empty the trash bin and also replace liners.
  • Collect Recycled Materials

Restroom and Toilets Cleansing 

  • Ensure the availability of tissue papers, stock towels, and hand sanitizer or soap.
  • Clear antiseptic napkin tin and clean with sanitizer.
  • Clear trash can and clean it with water.
  • Clean and polish mirrors.
  • Clean towel cupboard covering to ensure the safety from germs
  • Toilets to be washed and cleaned and sanitized inside and outside properly by using toilet cleaner.
  • Toilets seats to be washed and cleaned thoroughly on both sides by utilizing the disinfectant or acid.
  • Cleanse and sanitize all washing basin until it gives glossy look.
  • Dust properly the frame separators, and upper part of the mirror.
  • Wipe out the marks of splash water from the wall around the basin place.
  •  Mop and rinse restroom floor with a good detergent and antiseptic solution.

Lunch/Breakroom/Café :

  • Free all trash bins and take trash away to a collection point.
  • Use a wet mop to clean the floor, and to mop up dust.
  • Moist mop hard surfaces floors to remove dirt spots from stained areas.
  • Clean the tables and chairs properly.
  • Maintaining cleanliness of water cooler or dispenser.
  • Moist wipe out to remove the stains of coffee or tea from tables or on any area.
  • Disinfect and clean sink and cupboard.
  • The clean outer surface of appliances gives an organized and beautiful look.

Checklist for Weekly Cleaning :

Office, lobby, Lunchroom, Conference room

  • Dust properly all the vertical surfaces of the tables, file Cupboard, chairs, and other office furniture.
  • Vacuum all carpeting thoroughly, taking care to get into corners, along edges, and furniture.
  • Clean hard surface floor with a damp mop, with great care to get into sides with edges and underneath furniture.


Checklists are considered to be a potent business tool that has demonstrated instrumental to work in an inclusive multiplicity of situations and businesses, checklists certify that you will not forget anything. Correspondingly, the most multifaceted tasks – like flying a commercial airplane or even constructing a new tower-benefit from the use of checklists.

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