Commercial Cleaning Services – The Essentials of Clean

Commercial Cleaning Services – The Essentials of CleanCleaning your business is quite different from cleaning your home. Workplace or commercial cleaning includes much more than simple household cleaning like vacuuming, dusting, mopping, because workplace cleaning includes the commercial cleaning of offices of all kinds, warehouses, distribution centers, factories, schools, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.

Commercial cleaning services not only provide the essentials of clean, but also help prevent workplace injuries and accidents, can enhance the business environment, and improve your brand image. Proper commercial cleaning also keeps your business or facility in compliance with regulatory organizations and government entities. In addition to the usual cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and mopping, commercial cleaning services deliver these crucial essentials of clean to your business.

Building and Floor Maintenance

In addition to the usual sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming, commercial cleaning services also provide floor and other building surface maintenance. To keep your facility safe and looking good, walls and floors should be free from oil, grease, spills, and other debris to eliminate hazards and prevent accidents and injuries from occurring. Warning sign placement is key to avoiding problems until the spills are cleared away effectively. In addition, an exceptional commercial cleaning service should also note issues which come to light during cleaning and may be in need of repair, including flooring, plumbing, electrical, doors, windows, and other areas.

Shining the Light on Fixtures

Lighting is key to safety, productivity, and aesthetics in any business environment. Light fixtures must be cleaned routinely to avoid dust and debris buildup which effects the functionality of lighting and decreases light intensity in the space. Your professional cleaning team should ensure your lighting is cleaned regularly, because it is crucial to workforce performance whether in an office setting, a school classroom, or manufacturing facility.

Tools and Equipment

In a commercial or industrial environment, tools and equipment must be clean and functioning properly. Properly cleaned tools and equipment can be easily maintained and prevent accidents from occurring. A quality commercial cleaning team will see that tools, equipment, and machinery are cleaned and stored properly as needed. Often tools, equipment, and machinery cleaning are an essential part of a company’s custom cleaning contract.

Declutter Aisles, Stairways, Offices

Commercial cleaning services often include advising businesses on areas which need additional cleaning services – like cluttered aisles, stairways, and office spaces. Clutter breeds dust and debris and can also cause trip and fall accidents in the workplace. Aisles, stairways, and office spaces should be clutter free with pathways through the company unobstructed for safety and appearance. Cluttered spaces can send the wrong message to customers and employees who may see it as a sign of disorganization and lack of care.

Storage Spaces

Like clutter in office spaces, stairways, and aisles, storage spaces should also be kept clean and free from clutter so that employees can find what they need when they need it. An unkempt storage space attracts dust and debris and can cause accidents when items within are stored improperly. 

Waste Management

Disposing of trash and waste materials is part of a commercial cleaning business’ services. Proper waste management includes appropriate disposal of materials as required by regulatory organizations and local ordinances.

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