Commercial Cleaning Trends in 2021

When it comes to the age of COVID-19, commercial cleaning is going one step further. Sanitation supplies are a must for all workplaces and providing employees with disinfectant wipes is just the beginning. With more employees working in-person again, there are cleaning trends to consider to provide a safe workplace. Providing a safe environment for employees, clients, and customers is crucial. When considering how to clean your commercial space, here are some trends to consider:

Coronavirus Cleaning and Sanitation

Ensuring a clean workspace for employees to work proficiently is vital. With many employees making their way back into the office, providing a clean space is a top priority. Cleaning during the pandemic has received a new meaning. To keep others safe in the workplace and minimize the chances of a COVID outbreak, both deep cleaning and sanitation services, done regularly, are essential. Most employers do not have the time to go around and clean their commercial space thoroughly themselves. To ensure commercial spaces are properly clean, employers are turning to professional janitorial services to effectively clean and sanitize. Professional services come with the tools, supplies, and machinery needed to clean every area of commercial space, including hard-to-reach areas. Whether you choose to have a janitor service come in daily or weekly, the need to ensure a clean workspace is crucial.

To assist in daily cleaning tasks, sanitation stations are beneficial for employees to wipe down surfaces they touch frequently. Depending on what your commercial space looks like, your space might include areas with commonly touched surfaces. To avoid cross-contamination, employees can wipe down items they touch. Sanitation stations also provide extra safety to employees who need disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizer. These cleaning and sanitation solutions can ensure your employees are comfortable coming to work each day.

Green Cleaning

Most cleaning products come with hazard warnings, such as flammable or toxic. To provide green cleaning tactics, consider environmental cleaning solutions. Green cleaning products are better for the environment since they are naturally derived and made with biodegradable ingredients. Green products contain fewer allergens that can cause sinus irritation and other issues for employees and customers. These products are guaranteed to not have harmful ingredients, including ammonia, soy, gluten, bleach, sulfates, and dyes. The products are also more beneficial to those with health issues and do not cause side effects. Green cleaning products are not made with hazardous chemicals and are best around those with health conditions.

Ensure that you use green cleaning products to sanitize and clean your commercial space. With constantly having to wipe down surfaces multiple times a day, green cleaning products can help avoid adverse reactions from your employees.

Customized Cleaning

While it is easy to consider simple cleaning trends for a commercial building, the easy way out can be harmful to your employees and your customers. A professional cleaning service can assist in commercial cleaning. Cleaning services can personalize services according to what is needed. With personalized service, employers can ensure the spaces cleaned are done professionally and efficiently. When services are tailored, employers receive quality cleaning they cannot achieve with regular cleaning services.

Hiring Professionals

When it comes to deep cleaning your office efficiently, employers cannot do it alone. With Tidy
Team Cleaning Services, our team of trained professionals can provide quality and safe cleaning procedures for your commercial office space. With more than 30 years of experience in professional cleaning, Tidy Team professionals know how to get the job done right. We customize our cleaning services to fit your needs. Our team is reliable and trustworthy. We promise integrity and reliability in ensuring your space is clean for you and your employees.