Commercial Construction Cleaning Projects – What to Expect

Commercial Construction Cleaning Projects – What to ExpectCommercial Construction Cleaning delivers exceptional cleaning for developers, contractors, and business owners who are building new structures, remodeling or renovating existing properties, and adding square footage to growing businesses. Post-construction cleaning is final finishing touch before the business venture begins fresh or the new tenants move in.

Following construction projects, dirt, dust, and other grime cover most of the surfaces in the space. A commercial cleaning service works to help you transform your new work space from grimy to move in ready. Commercial construction clean-up delivers a detailed and thorough cleaning that is necessary after all the construction is complete and the remaining debris is removed. A professional commercial cleaning service promises the most modern methods and safe products to make the property immaculate and ready for business.

Many individuals believe cleaning new construction is repetitive after all they are cleaning new surfaces, new walls, new everything, but the truth is the construction process itself produces enormous amounts of dust and superfine grit, particularly from the drywalling process. And all that dust and grit lands on every new surface, and those surfaces need to be cleaned and ready for the opening.

Many times, commercial cleaning services have to work alongside commercial contractors who are putting on the finishing touches, making final modifications, and attending to details for the final approval of the client. This means the commercial cleaning service you chose must be experienced and professional, so they can get the job done while not getting in the way of the construction team or even the client or tenant who may be onsite.

During a commercial construction cleaning project, there are a number of activities to be accomplished. From the outside to the inside, your commercial property needs to be in tip-tip shape in order to make an exceptional first impression. Here is a list, though not comprehensive, of what you can expect from commercial construction cleaning:

  • Power washing exterior areas including walkways
  • Removal of Construction Debris (if not handled by the contractor)
  • Cleaning windows, inside and out, to a streak free shine
  • Vacuuming carpets
  • Cleaning, washing, mopping hard surface flooring as needed
  • Dusting walls and ceilings
  • Wiping down storage areas and built-ins like bookshelves, cabinets, and so on
  • Cleaning desks, tables, and other work surfaces
  • Cleaning kitchens, breakrooms, and restrooms
  • Dusting Air Vents and Air Diffusers
  • Cleaning lights and fixtures

And on top of all that, a quality professional commercial cleaning services will help you get your property prepared for opening, finishing on time and budget, with a superior clean. Commercial cleaning services are recommended for both new construction and remodeling projects for these areas and industries: restaurants, retail stores, cafes, law offices, dental practices, bars, medical facilities, hospitals, factories, schools, churches, universities, physician’s offices, synagogues, day care facilities, dormitories, strip malls, veterinary clinics, mosques, pharmacies, event venues, laboratories, government facilities, banks, apartments, country clubs, condominiums, gyms, and more.

Once your new construction project or your remodel is complete, call on Tidy Team Cleaning Services to deliver assistance during your post construction cleaning. The professional team at Tidy Team will meet you onsite, tour your property, and discuss the details of your commercial construction cleaning, and provide you a competitive quote based on your needs. Tidy Team Cleaning Services is always ready to get your project done quickly and effectively within your budget while meeting or exceeding your expectations.