Commercial Property Spring Cleaning Tips

Commercial Property Spring Cleaning TipsYou may think of spring cleaning as something that must be done at home, though not necessarily at your business. The truth your commercial property can use a healthy does of spring cleaning as much if not more than your home. Your business has considerably more use by more people than your home, meaning your business has lots more opportunities to get dirty.

In most commercial properties, professional cleaning services are used year-round, working to keep a significant level of cleaning done on a weekly or monthly basis. Even so, spring is the ideal time (just like at home) to increase the level of cleaning in your business and continue to make a positive, lasting impression on your customers, clients, and employees.

Where to Begin

Grime, grit, dirt, and sand accumulates in your parking facility – be it a lot or a garage – and all that gets tracked into your building’s lobby or elevators, even when you have entry rugs in place. In spring, you can have your parking lot cleaned to get rid of a great deal of that dirt and grime that makes its way into your business. Parking lot cleaning should include a thorough sweeping of not only the parking areas, but also any connected sidewalks or common areas. If your parking lot is really dirty, you might consider having it pressure washed as well. Once the parking lot cleaning is complete, you can focus your attention on your floors and other interior cleaning needs.

Next, take a look at the exterior of your building, do you see weather stains, mineral deposits, gum, mold, graffiti, or mildew? If so, consider commercial power washing (also known as pressure washing) for your building. Pressure washing can effectively remove all those issues and more from walls, hardscaping, and sidewalks to help you make a great first impression on those visiting your commercial property.

While you are still outside, inspect your windows. In most cases, a comprehensive window cleaning is due in the spring. And what better way to welcome spring time than with sparkling clean windows! Dirt and grime builds up on windows particularly during the rainy, cooler, winter months and everyone knows that dirty windows leave a negative impression on visitors to your business. Now is the time to wash windows outside as well as inside to give all who enter the best possible impression of your company.

Now inside, the best place to start spring cleaning is with floor. Entryways and other hard surface areas inside should be deep cleaned along with any carpeted areas in your business. Hard surfaces should be thoroughly mopped (if your cleaning service is performing the task, ask for a full wet mopping) followed by buffing and waxing as needed. Leave the carpet cleaning to the professionals who can provide powerful equipment and cleaners to handle those well-traveled and heavily soiled areas. This phase of spring cleaning also allows you to clean meticulously behind, under, and around furniture and other office items that are not often moved.

Today’s schedules are demanding and keeping your business in tip top shape can often add to the pressure. Hiring a professional cleaning service like Tidy Team Cleaning Services is the perfect way to relieved some of those demands. Professional cleaning services keep your business clean and impressing customers, colleagues, and employees all year long from weekly cleaning to spring cleaning and more. In addition, you’ll find you save time, money, and get premium quality results.