Commercial Versus Residential Cleaning Services – What is the Difference?

Many times, businesses wonder if  their space needs residential or commercial cleaning services. While some cleaning companies offer both, many prefer to deliver higher quality services by focusing solely on residential cleaning or commercial cleaning services. This, of course, leaves potential customers wondering “what is the difference between residential and commercial cleaning services?” In many cases, this leads to confusion and prospective commercial clients who don’t know which service to call on to meet their cleaning needs. Understanding the difference is crucial because each service focuses on distinctive areas.  To determine the level of service your company needs, you’ll want to perform some research to ensure you get the cleaning you need for business success.

Commercial Cleaning Services

With commercial property, cleaning services are a necessity, unlike residential cleaning which is often viewed as a luxury. Commercial cleaning means your business looks great for your customers and employees, it also helps your company ensure a clean and hygienic environment which keeps your business in proper working order and operational. Commercial cleaning services help keep employees healthy and as a result, keeps production efficient. With a commercial cleaning service, like Tidy Team Cleaning Services, your business is thoroughly clean and free from germs, bacteria, and viruses which can cause illnesses among employees and customers or clients.

Generally, commercial cleaning services work during the night and on weekends, during your company’s downtime to ensure they don’t interfere with your business, employees, or clients. This, of course, means your business is ready to greet customers with a clean and healthy environment during your business hours.

Commercial versus Residential

Professional commercial and residential cleaning services provide for different needs as businesses and homes have varied cleaning requirements. With both types of services, for your business or your home, you will always want to verify references, ensure their employees have passed background checks, and confirm the company is insured and bonded.

Here, the similarities end, starting with the fact that residential services work during the day, while commercial cleaning services work on nights and weekends. Generally, the work of commercial services is much more straightforward than that of residential services. Commercial cleaning services also have to assure security for each business they serve. Unlike residential services which bill for each visit, commercial services use contracts and typically bill monthly.

Commercial services, while they must take great care with office equipment, business security, and confidential information, they do not often face sentimental items or heirlooms that residential cleaners come in contact with in their client’s homes. Commercial cleaning services  work hard to clean business offices, retail spaces, and other business spaces thoroughly, quickly, and efficiently, adhering to security measures you have in place.

As mentioned, businesses need commercial cleaning services, not only to keep their businesses clean and hygienic, but also to ensure their company makes a good impression on customers and colleagues and keeps employees operating a maximum production and efficiency. This differs from residential cleaning services which are often used occasionally and viewed as  luxury service. Commercial cleaning services promise a healthy and safe environment which helps increase throughput of employees while welcoming customers.

Choosing Your Commercial Cleaning Team

Commercial cleaning services are important to your business success. They provide numerous services from power washing to cleaning and caring for floors, carpeting, furnishings, and so much more!  When you are ready to choose your professional cleaning team, call on the team at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to get the job done right for you.