Creating a Safe Office Space for the Winter Season

While the love for cleaning indoors during spring is widespread, it’s easy to forget about other seasons. In particular winter cleaning is important as well. And being a festive season, having a clean office to celebrate the end of the year is important.  With that said, do you have plans for creating a safe office space for the winter? Well, we’ve got your back with the following tips:

General Cleaning 

A clean working environment creates a comfortable ambiance that enhances the focus of the employees. But that’s not all, cleaning surfaces such as windows enhance light penetration into the working space. And this reduces dependency on electric energy. What’s more, natural light in the working space reduces a gloomy mood. 

Besides the windows, a clean floor is also important. You need them smooth and shiny before the onset of winter. With enough glow on them, they’ll respond well to natural light and improve the charm in the working space. 

Deep Cleaning Office Furniture

Think about all the dirt on the couches, office chairs, carpets, and desks that have piled up since summer. To ensure your team of workers is comfortable during winter, it’s important to employ deep cleaning services. This will reduce allergens, dust, and pollen that may provoke flu among workers during winter. Also, it will create a refreshing atmosphere that fosters focus during working hours. 

Get Enough Doormats

Still, on cleanliness, you need to maintain that attitude throughout winter. And the most effective way to enhance cleanliness is getting new doormats. These will help keep dirt off the office floors, especially dust, mud, and leaves. In addition, you can also buy shoe scrapers that employees can use to clean their shoes before coming in. 

Change Filters on Your HVAC

To maintain a warm and conducive working space, you need a well-functioning furnace and air conditioning system. And one way you can ensure it’s working maximally is by changing the filters or calling a technician. Oftentimes, changing the filters after 3-4 months is a good maintenance practice for the furnace. 

Gutter and Roof Cleaning

Now, this depends on the type of office building you’re in. If it has a roof, with gutters and downspouts, consider cleaning it. This will prevent problems when it rains. 

Stock Up Cleaning Items

You need a stock of cleaning items before the winter season is on. These items will help you keep dust, mud, and leaves from the working space. Also, if you have lots of clients coming in and out of the office daily, they can create a mess. Without this item, you can clean up the office several times a day. By cleaning the walkway, they’ll not drag leaves, mud, and dust into the working space. 

Disinfecting Surfaces

While the winter months in Florida are warm and comfortable and exempted from the flu season. You still can’t take chances. There are tons of other bacteria on the surfaces that can provoke illnesses. But, through the use of disinfectants, you can prevent their spread through contact. Further, with the installation of new filters on your AC, you can prevent their spread via air. 

Final Take 

Even with all the above measures, dirt has an amusing way of getting into working spaces. But worry not, by reaching out to Tidy Team Cleaning Services, you can maintain your office clean throughout winter. Through their custom plan, they can come over every night and clean your working space. 

And if your space doesn’t get that messy for several days, a weekly plan will do. Whichever plan you prefer, they are the best commercial cleaning company you can rely on.