How to Deal with a Burst Pipe

How to Deal with a Burst PipeWhile here in South Florida, freezing temperatures and frozen pipes are a rarity. Even so, burst pipes can still occur here in warm and sunny South Florida. Pipe failure can happen for a number of reasons including misuse, damage, or age. Any pipe in your business can be put under tremendous pressure and when that happens damage to the pipe will eventually be exposed and broken down to the point of bursting. Burst pipes are surprising and devastating. At your business, a burst pipe on your system often leads to property damage that can cause you to shut down for days at a time. This means employees are out of work, customers who go without service, and income lost on top of repair costs that will be incurred.

In your business, a small crack, even one that is only about one-eighth of an inch, can result in 200 or more gallons of water pouring into your business on a daily basis. On a regular business day, you or your employees would notice and get the problem corrected before extensive damage occurs. But what if the crack occurs after hours or on the weekend and no one notices, then your walls, floors, carpets, and furniture can be damaged extensively. You can help prevent burst pipes from damaging your building by inspecting your pipes for small leaks or damage that could cause pipe failure. It is important to know where and how to use your shutoff valves and levers in case of pipe failure.

Minimize Damage if Your Pipe Burst When Your Business is Open

If your pipe fails and burst while your business is open, there are several actions you can take to minimize the damage to your building. Step one is to turn off the water supply if you can; if you are unable to do so, call a plumber to do it for you right away. If you see water coming from the ceiling or walls, shut off the electricity and call your electrician immediately. Protect all important documents and valuables by moving them to a safe location. Finally open the doors and windows in your business to start the drying process.

Calling on a professional cleaning service can help too, by quickly removing the water, performing a thorough clean-up, and repairing damage surfaces. A professional service can perform water extraction, carpet and upholstery cleaning, wall repair and even painting to get you back up and running quickly. You will still have to have the pipe repaired, but by following these steps you should be able to reduce the length of time you and your employees are out of work.

If your pipe leaks or burst when your business is closed, you’ll want to follow the same steps as soon as you discover the situation to minimize the damage and down time. You should never let water spots on ceilings or walls go unattended, because they could mean leaks. Leaks from damaged pipes or other causes need to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Regular maintenance can help you detect potential issues before they arise, but when problems do occur and your pipes leak or burst, call on the professional cleaning team at Tidy Team Cleaning Services to help you take care of water damage and get your business back up and running as soon as possible. The professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning has the commercial equipment and supplies needed to get you cleaned up and back in business quickly and efficiently.