It’s all about the Details – Move In/ Move Out Cleaning

It’s all about the Details – Move In/ Move Out CleaningAs you prepare to move in or out of your current commercial property, cleaning is an important item on your to do list. If you’re moving into a new space, you obviously want it to be clean when you arrive, ready to move your furniture, equipment, and staff. You certainly don’t want to face a delay on move in day because the property isn’t properly cleaned and ready for you. Of course, if you are moving out, cleaning is also important. In many cases, how well-kept (cleaned and maintained) you leave the property can mean money savings for you in the way of your security deposit.

Commercial cleaning services are the ideal solution to either problem. As a landlord or tenant, a commercial cleaning service can assure you that every cleaning detail is attended for move in or move out cleaning. Whether you are a tenant moving in or vacating the property, or the property inspector prepping for a new tenant, here is what you to expect when you hire a commercial cleaning services for move in/move out cleaning.

Ceiling Fan, Lights, and Vents

A quality commercial cleaning services will start at the top and work their way down to ensure the highest level of clean. Starting with the light fixtures, your service should clean light fixtures with proper cleaner, leaving streak free and dust free lighting. Next fan blades and lights will be cleaned appropriately. Finally, air vents and ventilators will be cleaned, including bathrooms, breakrooms, and kitchens, and filters will be replaced as needed.

Ceilings and Walls

Though ceilings don’t suffer as much as walls, a leak can still cause soiling. Your professional cleaning service will clean smudges and soiling on ceilings and walls, to deliver the best clean possible. Special attention is given to areas around switches, corners, sinks, baseboards and other places where people often touch or lean.

Windows, Screens, Blinds, and Drapes

If your property has blinds, they will be removed and cleaned appropriately. While they are down, your windows, sills, and tracts will be cleaned inside and out. Once your windows are clean and streak free, your freshly cleaned blinds will be reinstalled.  In addition, your cleaning service will vacuum, and wipe clean your blinds, using the proper cleaner. If your blinds are old, yellowed, or damaged, they may need to be removed or replaced. Your drapes will also be vacuumed so they are free from dust.

Kitchens, Breakrooms, and Bathrooms

If your new commercial property has a full kitchen or a well-equipped breakroom for employee use, your commercial cleaning service will thoroughly clean the refrigerator – shelves, drawers, exterior, and gaskets – along with the stove, oven, and microwave, using the cleaner appropriate to each appliance. Next, cabinets, including shelves, doors, drawers will be cleaned inside and out. Your commercial cleaning services will also clean the flooring, including the area beneath the large appliances.

In the bathrooms, toilets and sinks will be clean, including any soap scum or mildew that may be lurking in tile grout. Like the kitchen, bathroom cabinets will be thoroughly cleaned as will the bathroom flooring. If you have tile floors in both the kitchen and bathroom, pressure washing can be performed if needed to ensure the highest level of clean.

Flooring and Carpets

Your commercial cleaning service should be equipped to clean every type of floor in your commercial space – from carpets to hardwoods to tile and more – with the appropriate methods.

When it’s time to move in or out of your commercial space, call on Tidy Team Cleaning Services where they know it’s all about the details. The professional team at Tidy Clean will review your cleaning needs in detail, providing you a competitive quote, and then get the job done well in a timely manner.