The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

The Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning ServicesIf you are like most business owners, you understand the need for a professional cleaning service for your company. Having a clean and professional looking environment all the time, means your company is always ready to make the best possible first impression. Of course, when you start to look for a cleaning service you see those labeled as commercial and others called residential and possibly even a few who proclaim their prowess as both. As a business owner you may wonder what the difference between commercial cleaning services and residential cleaning services are and how that can make a difference for your business.

Obviously, commercial services specialize and offer expertise in commercial facilities and residential services deliver expertise in residential homes. As you probably realize, there is a difference in the cleaning needs at your home versus your business. There is often some disparity between residential and commercial cleaning services as the former is considered more a luxury and the later a necessity. Understanding the differences can be important for your business. Determining your cleaning needs prior to contacting a cleaning service is imperative as is doing your research on cleaning services you are considering for your business.

Professional commercial cleaning services work to make sure your business is clean and operational, ensuring offices, retail environments, medical practices, and other commercial spaces are hygienic and clean. This means making sure your company stays open and running efficiently because germs, bacteria, and viruses causing illnesses to employees and customers are thoroughly removed. Commercial cleaning services often provide a complete list of services which are performed nightly or weekly during a time convenient for your business. Their goal is to keep your company clean, open and ready to do business, day and night.

When choosing your professional commercial cleaning service, you need to ask questions and get answers, as your business is unlike any other and the services you need will vary from the cleaning services other clients. The same is true of the differences in cleaning commercial properties versus residential are very unique. The commercial cleaning services you are considering should have references from businesses where they perform their duties on a regular basis. The references should indicate efficiency at their tasks as well as trustworthiness because these services often do their jobs when no one is a work in your company to oversee them.

When choosing a cleaning service for your business, keep in mind, a commercial cleaning service is, in most cases, your best choice. Residential cleaning services clean during the day which can be inconvenient for businesses while commercial cleaning services clean on nights and weekends. On top of that residential cleaning services often expect payment on the day of service while commercial cleaning services bill monthly or under the terms of your contract. Commercial cleaning services also understand the need for security in a business setting which is often quite different than a residential setting. Commercial cleaning services understand the needs of business owners in regard to confidentiality of client documents and other proprietary information you may have and strive to meet all your cleaning needs without compromising security.

A professional commercial cleaning service often offers the best value for businesses – cleaning offices, and other business environments with specialized care, in a quick and efficient manner. Whether your business is commercial or industrial, commercial cleaning services like the one at Tidy Team Cleaning Services is ready to keep your workplace safe, clean, and healthy.