What Is The Difference Between Power Washing & Pressure Cleaning?

What Is The Difference Between Power Washing & Pressure CleaningPower washing and pressure cleaning are similar tactics used to deep clean dirty surfaces. While they are often confused as one in the same, they are unique processes that should be used at different times depending on the task at hand.

What Is Power Washing?

Power washing is defined as a method of cleaning that involves high-powered hot water that comes out in evenly abrasive intensities. The actual water temperature determines if a job is technically considered “power washing” or not. There is a temperature gauge on power washing machines in order to achieve the exact temperature necessary. Pair heat with intensity and even the most stubborn stains and substances can be blown off into oblivion. Power washers are great at tackling weeds, mold, moss or anything else that is difficult to remove or in large quantities.

What Is Pressure Washing?

Albeit similar, pressure washing is more concerned with water pressure as opposed to water temperature. Most pressure washing machines do not include a heat gauge to maintain water temperature. Instead, the design of the machine is focused on intense water pressure. Pressure washing is used for a wide variety of surfaces including walkways, patios, roofs and more.

Pressure Washing Vs. Power Washing: It All Boils Down To Temperature

The main defining difference between pressure washing and power washing is the temperature of the water. Pressure washers rely on water of any temperature while power washers rely only on hot water, never cold water. To simplify things, many people simply refer to power washers as hot water pressure washers.

Signs Your Building Needs Pressure Or Power Washing

A clean building is going to appeal to customers, employees and future business partners. That’s why regular power and pressure washing services are necessary for businesses of all types and sizes. When was the last time your building, roof, windows or parking lot were deep cleaned? Some signs the chore is long past due include…

-There are streaks on the roof that are unrelated to dirt or leaves. In most cases, an aggressive algae eating away at the roof’s limestone causes these streaks. This will eventually damage the entire roof. Other signs of mold or mildew growth and other hazardous substances should also be treated with power washing techniques.

-A dark and dingy roof can actually increase electricity bills. A white roof is more energy efficient because it bounces heat off of it. Dark roofs do the exact opposite, absorbing heat and letting it right in. You can help lighten your roof, and energy bills, by power washing all of the dirt and debris away.

-You notice dirty sidewalks, concrete, parking lot pavement, etc. Power washing will transform worn down and dirty surfaces to like new again.

-Overflowing gutters need to be washed out so that they can function properly, as well as to remove any algae growth.

-Do you see any dust coating the windows and exterior walls of your business? If this dust is visible from the street it sets a bad impression your business wants to avoid in order to attract customers and maintain high employee moral.

-There are large oil stains in the parking lot, garage, shop, etc.

-You see cobwebs and spider webs growing up in high corners of the building.

-A build up of tough to remove substances like gum, grease and dirt are littering sidewalks, walkways, etc.

Professional Power Washing & Pressure Cleaning

Both power washing and pressure cleaning require heavy machinery and a working knowledge of how and when to apply either or. Improper use or application can result in damaged property and even injury to the user. High-powered washers are loud, exceeding the threshold in which hearing protection is advised. Not to mention, many pressure washing jobs involve climbing up on ladders or even getting on top of the roof, which can be incredibly dangerous with one wrong move. Sadly, many deaths related to power washing accidents are reported every year.

Due to the risks associated with power washing and pressure cleaning, it’s highly advised to hire a professional company with a solid track record. Tidy Team is proud to provide leading cleaning services for all types of Pompano Beach businesses. Contact us today for a free quote!