Don’t Forget to Clean These Areas of Your Business

It’s surprising how we overlook certain common places in our business during cleaning. And such surfaces often carry a great load of grime and dust build-up. In your next cleaning, please pay attention to these areas. Talking of that, such areas include:

Light Fixtures

Over time, light fixtures accumulate tons of dust, unfortunate bugs, and debris from the air. As such, they’re always in a poor state when you examine them up close. Maybe it’s due to their location or position in the space, but light fixtures rarely get cleaned. As a result, they end up losing their shine and ability to complement your space. 

Further, the buildup is a health concern.  When it begins trickling down due to intense build-up, it can provoke respiratory allergies like asthma. Therefore, cleaning these fixtures is very important both health-wise and for aesthetics. 

Behind the printing machine

A printer is among the essential pieces of machines in a business environment. And they normally experience high traffic daily. Over time, dust and waste paper may fall behind the printer where it’s beyond reach for our eyesight. While the health of staff operating is a concern, the dust and debris can also damage this machine. Therefore, it’s important to wipe its surfaces all around and remove all the waste papers surrounding it. 

Ceiling Fans and Vents

Ceiling fans and vents are notoriously beyond reach. And this accounts for why they are normally neglected during cleaning. The thought of climbing up to wipe them is physically and mentally exhausting. Unfortunately, they might be the reason why employees in your business have been suffering from respiratory allergies. Therefore, ensure they’re not left out during the next cleaning.

Office Kitchen

If you’ve got an office kitchen, then there are several places that you’ve been neglecting during cleaning. For starters, behind the microwave and fridge are the last places we remember to clean. Seeming out of reach by sight and hand, we tend to neglect them during office cleaning. In these areas, you’ll find everything including unfortunate bugs, dust, and debris. 


Beneath the office couch cushions, you’ll find an enormous amount of dust and debris. But with the help of a vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner, you can clean them up. Also, grime is a major problem with upholstery. Therefore, always remember to clean up the furniture to refresh your office look during cleaning days. 

Office Plants

Office plants accumulate everything over time. Whether they’re living or artificial plants, you’ll find all kinds of filth including dead bugs, live bugs, dust, and webs. Therefore, you should dust it during cleaning.

Backsplashes, crown molding, baseboards 

These are surfaces we rarely remember during cleaning. However, if you give them a good scrub and wiping, they can brighten up the entire space. Just think about the last time you visited another business. How was the first impression, was it neat and welcoming? 

Well, it’s probably because the backsplashes, crown molding, and baseboards were perfectly clean. Therefore, treat these surfaces well in your business space and you’ll experience the change as well. 

Picture Frames

Pictures add visual appeal to your business. And depending on their content, they can be inspirational. But even so, we rarely remember to clean up the frames. Like fixtures, the picture frames help with complementing your space. 


Need hand tackling these places among other areas in your business? Well, contact Tidy Team Cleaning Services. With just a call, they’ll help you solve all kinds of commercial cleaning needs. Give them a call, and provide your business with an opportunity to literally shine.