Effective School Cleaning to Keep Flu from Spreading

Well, it’s that time of year, when flu seems to spread like wildfire, infecting everyone in its path. In truth, viruses, including influenza, are a part of life. Influenza, or the flu as it is commonly known, is highly contagious and affects as many as five million people annually. Students, teachers, and school staff members are among those at high risk for infection. In a school setting, the chances of getting the flu is increased, as children are often not as attentive to hand washing and other precautions which help prevent the spread of the disease. When children are infected, teachers often follow suit, as do family members and friends, and the outbreak is perpetuated throughout the community.

Not only does illness effect the health and wellbeing of students, teachers, staffers, and families, but it is also can cause turmoil socially and economically. When students are ill, they are absent, which means lost opportunities for learning, as well as a parent missing work as well. When teachers fall ill, the same outcome occurs, plus substitutes must be brought in, affecting the school system’s bottom line.

A well-qualified, professional cleaning service, like Tidy Team Cleaning Service, can help schools keep germs away though thorough and effective cleaning and disinfection protocols. Not only can a cleaning service help prevent flu outbreaks, but also outbreaks and the spread of the common cold (also caused by virus propagation). Let’s slow the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses, in schools with these helpful tips.

Good Hygiene

Studies have shown, students often fail to wash their hands after a restroom visit (50 percent or less) and even more troubling is the fact that of those who do wash, only around 30 percent of girls and less than 10 percent of boys use soap! Obviously, this makes educating students regarding the crucial importance of handwashing in the spread of germs and flu prevention. Even with education, it is nearly impossible to monitor or control what children (even those nearing adulthood) do. And, that is where safe and effective professional cleaning services can help. 

Professional Cleaning

Commercial cleaning services have the expertise to help stop the spread of germs which often permeates schools and the individuals within. Through the thorough cleaning and disinfection of high touch surfaces like faucets, doorknobs, desks, and counters, schools can be made safer environments for students, teachers, and other staff members. Here’s how:

  • Regular Cleaning – Regular routine cleaning of high touch surfaces with a safe, quality disinfectant, not only removes dirt and grime, but also stops the spread of germs, many of which can live up to 48 hours infecting everyone who touches the contaminated surface. A professional cleaning service can ensure your school’s surfaces are from germs, thus preventing the spread of colds and flu.
  • Daily Disinfection – While professional cleaning services may not be on school grounds every day, they can offer tips to help those inside ensure frequently touched areas are sanitized. Wiping down keyboards, phones, desks, doorknobs, and countertops can certainly help. In the bathrooms, sinks, faucets and doors should be sanitized daily or more. In addition, cafeteria tables, trays, and chairs, along gym areas (lockers, showers, equipment).
  • Appropriate Disinfecting Products – A standard cleaning product, which may do the job at home, may not be sufficient to kill the tenacious germs in school setting. Commercial cleaning teams know the proper and safe products and the steps needed to get the job done. From cleaning the surface properly, to disinfecting and sanitizing, your professional cleaning team will choose the best cleaners and use them safely.

Call on Tidy Team Cleaning Services for Effective School Cleaning

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