How To Extend The Life Of Commercial Flooring With Janitorial Services

How To Extend The Life Of Commercial Flooring With Janitorial ServicesRegular janitorial services can actually add years onto the life of your commercial flooring. Installing commercial flooring is no small investment, which is why it’s important to get as much time as possible out of your floors. Without proper cleaning, floors take on a lot of dirt, debris and other damages that cause them to degrade at a faster pace. Read on to learn how janitorial services extend the life of all flooring surfaces. 

Quickly Clean Spills To Prevent Stains

Regular janitorial services ensure that spills are cleaned up quickly. Spills are sure to happen but you can’t guarantee that anyone is going to properly clean up the spill after it happens.

Spills turn into stains when they sit for too long. These stains take away from the appearance of your flooring and can actually become deeply set in and very difficult to remove. As a result, floors start to look worn out and icky, meaning you’ll need to replace them sooner.

Janitorial services ensure spills are regularly deep cleaned and removed, preventing deep-set stains from having a chance to develop. 

Protect Floors From Moving Heavy Objects

When cleaning flooring surfaces you need to move heavy objects, such as furniture, in order to clean the entire space. If you haphazardly drag chairs, couches and tables across the floor you can scratch the surface, create impression marks, and so forth. A professional janitorial service is equipped with the proper tools and techniques to move furniture around without causing any lasting damage.

Avoid Damaging Cleaners That Harm Flooring Surfaces

Using the wrong types of floor cleaners can cause more damage than good. It’s an easy mistake to make, and one that happens far more often than you might assume. That’s because each flooring surface is unique and therefore requires different cleaners. No two flooring surfaces are the same and they should be cleaned in a specialized manor. For instance, carpeting, wood floors and vinyl tile all require unique cleaning processes and cleaners to get the job done right. 

For sensitive surfaces, there are non-abrasive cleaning options that can remove some of the toughest stains. We keep all of the right tools and substances on hand in order to tackle any flooring surface that comes our way.

Steam Cleaning Ceramic Tile & Grout

Tile is popular because of its long lasting and durable qualities, but that doesn’t mean its immune to everything. Not to mention, tile grout gets very dirty rather quickly. Grout tends to show its age long before the actual tiles start to look worn out. That’s because dirt and debris fall into grout, creating a dull, dingy and off-colored appearance. We use a 700-1000 psi steam cleaning truck mount to remove dirt from tile and grout, leaving floors with a like-new shine.

Steam Cleaning For Carpets

Carpeted surfaces attract dirt and debris like a magnet, causing issues with everything from the actual appearance of the carpet to office allergies. Carpets can literally start to smell when they get dirty enough, this creates an off-putting atmosphere with negative impacts on employees, customers and potential partners. The risk of employee illness increases if your carpets are leaching smells, or full of allergy-inducing debris. Plus, your entire office or storefront suffers in terms of making a good impression.

Our steam cleaning services remove the deepest dust, allergens, stains and debris, breathing new life into your carpeting so that it lasts much longer.

Waxing & Sealing Vinyl & Tile

Original installation of your vinyl tiles included a coat of wax to help protect the finishing and give a nice shine. Overtime, this wax coat wears away and needs to be replaced. Our regular janitorial services include removing what’s left of the original sealant using a specially formulated stripping solution. We then add a fresh coat of sealant and wax to vinyl tiles. As a result, tiles look like new and are much better able to stand up to future wear and tear.

Janitorial services literally pay for themselves in so many ways, for one it extends the life of all flooring surfaces. A clean office is good for employee moral and overall health, which is good for the bottom line of your business. Allow Tidy Team’s unsurpassed janitorial services to provide all that and more! Give us a call today for a competitive quote.