Help Your Cleaning Service Prevent Accidents in Your Business

In your business accidents happen. Regardless of the preventative measure in place there is the  potential for an occasional accident. The same is true for your commercial cleaning service. At Tidy Team Cleaning Services, experience and know-how has been the key to success for more than 30 years. Even so, in that span of time, with numerous satisfied customers, minor accidents have happened, even though the team works hard to prevent even a single one. Exceptional cleaning and the safety of the clients’ businesses, property, information, employees, and customers is priority one at Tidy Team. In fact at Tidy Team, we are committed to outstanding customer service, answering all questions, building relationships, and providing the needed solutions for each and every client. Which means, if an accident happens, Tidy Team Cleaning Service will strive to make it right, correcting or covering the damages.

Did you know you can help your cleaning service prevent accidents in your business? It’s true and here the cleaning service professionals at Tidy Team share how you can help your cleaning service avoid accidents in your business.

Help Your Cleaning Team Prevent Accidents

The professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning Services are known for their expertise and attention to detail. Every project is customized to meet your companies needs. By providing your cleaning team with any special instructions you help them do their job well, fully understanding exactly what you require for your business. Letting the team know all the aspects about which they need to be aware goes a long way in helping them protect your business and your property. Inform your cleaning team with the details of your security system so alarms won’t be accidentally tripped. Make the team aware of valuable which should not be handled and areas which should are secured to protect customer privacy. Being aware of any potential issues, whether or not they are directly related to cleaning can help prevent problems for occurring.

Next, before your chosen cleaning team makes their first visit to your business, confirm that everything they will touch is in working order, properly hung, and adequately secured. Loose mirrors, window treatments, blinds, pictures, and more can be an accident waiting to happen when your cleaning team begins their work. In addition, by ensuring your equipment is in working order before they enter the building helps you identify issues which may have been inadvertently caused by the cleaning team moving or repositioning equipment. If items of personal or financial value are in office spaces, make your cleaning team aware or move them to a safer location when the cleaning team is coming to do their work to avoid the items being damaged or broken by accident.

Keep in mind that on their first visit to your establishment, your cleaning team will likely perform what is known in the business as a deep clean. Doing so, sets a quality baseline and makes subsequent cleaning visits more effective. During the deep cleaning visit, office furnishings may be moved in order to thoroughly clean your space. Be patient if items aren’t returned to the exact space, as your team is learning your business as well as your layout and may miss a few details on the first visit. Don’t worry, the team will learn your preferences quickly.

When a Problem Arises

With Tidy Team Cleaning Services, if an issue or problem arises while cleaning your facility or office, you can count on the team to let you know right away. The business, built on honestly and integrity, strives for transparency. They will not only inform you of the problem should one arise, but also cover the damages or rectify the problem immediately. Call on the professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning Services today, where customer satisfaction is always guaranteed.