Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Team with the Skills Your Company Needs

If your business is in need of a commercial cleaning company, you’ll want to partner with a professional team who guarantees cleanliness and promises exceptional customer service. Well-qualified commercial cleaning teams face a good deal of diversity in the business they clean – medical facilities, business offices, schools, restaurants, cooperate entities, grocery stores, retail establishments, and more. When you need to hire the professionals to keep your company’s work environment clean and organized, making a good impression, and welcoming your clients and customers, you need to choose a cleaning service with the experience, equipment, and trained staff to get the job done right, every time.

To ensure you make the right decision, the professionals at Tidy Team Cleaning Services has developed this list of the skills your cleaning team needs to get your cleaning done safely and effectively.

Administrative Skill

You may wonder why administrative ability tops this list of skills. Well, think for a moment, not only does your commercial cleaning service need to know how to successfully clean, they need to be organized and a well-qualified administration is key. The cleaning company must keep track of multiple jobs, each with a unique set of  detailed tasks that must often be done in a particular order, and always completed in a timely manner. And this is where administrative skills come into play, tracking employees, scheduling appointments, ensuring proper supplies are available are all a part of the skills your professional cleaning team should have.

Time Management Skills

Cleaning tasks, large or small, for which your professional cleaning team is hired, must be performed in a timely manner, so as not to interfere with your business. Good time management skills means your team arrives on time, getting the job done well, in the time allotted. Your commercial cleaning team must be punctual, organized, and well-trained to keep your business always ready for employees as well as clients, colleagues, and customers.


Reliability goes hand in hand with time management. After all, how can you make a great first impression and keep your workplace clean and orderly, if your commercial cleaning company fails to arrive on time or comes without the necessary cleaning supplies. In addition, the members of your professional cleaning team must be physically fit to perform the tasks, reliably for which they have been hired. Reliability requires physical stamina, mental stability, and a positive attitude to see that your cleaning staff always performs their tasks well.

The Required Knowledge and the Ability to Problem Solve

The commercial cleaning team you select must have employees trained in all safety and hygienic regulations in your locality and state to ensure your company is always compliant. Not only that, each team member must be trained in the use of equipment as well as cleaning supplies to ensure property is not damaged nor is anyone injured or hurt  during the cleaning process.

The professional cleaning team you hire should ensure the cleaners have the ability to problem solve if the need should arise. Professional cleaners can face challenges when performing their cleaning tasks which means they should be capable of quick thinking when those obstacles arise. In addition, your cleaning company should offer the proper training to prepare their employees when facing unusual circumstances or unexpected requests.

Ability to Work Autonomously and with Discretion

When you select a commercial cleaning team, team members are often cleaning your business when you and your employees are not present. This requires a level of trust from your cleaning team that they will perform responsibly and with discretion in regard to your employees’ and your customers’ sensitive personal information. Cleaning team members should be able to work without client supervision and deliver maximum productivity.

Call on Tidy Team Cleaning Services

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