How Cleaning Can Prevent Building Maintenance

One of the incredible ways to maintain a building in great shape is through tackling maintenance issues right away. While some people choose “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” this is a costly move. ‘Cause the more you ignore a problem that needs correction, the higher the probability of a bigger mess. 

While maintenance practices like fixing broken appliances and part of the building pay off. None of them compare to the amount you can’t save by maintaining the entire building cleaning. In this case, we’re talking about an effective cleaning strategy that involves in-house janitorial services and outsourced professional cleaners. 

With their help, you’ll be able to design a cleaning strategy that prevents building maintenance. With that said, let’s learn more about how cleaning can prevent building maintenance: 

Getting Started

  •     Maintenance Checklist during Cleaning 

Design a maintenance checklist for your building for use as a reference during cleaning. Thereafter, summon your janitorial staff and break down your cleaning maintenance strategy. With their help, you’ll be aware of any potential issue as soon as it begins. 

  •     Hard Flooring and Carpet

Hard flooring and carpet are part of the building where cleaning can prevent maintenance. Through the carpet management program, you can lengthen the lifespan of your carpet. And the same applies to hard flooring. Oftentimes, people wait until the carpet and hard flooring are visibly dirty to schedule cleaning. 

At this point, the dirt would have scoured the clear coat on hard flooring and caused immense damage. Also, cleaning is no longer effective in restoring the state of hard flooring once the clear coat is off. When it comes to carpet, the same thing applies. 

The dirt particles will scour the fibers creating unsightly patches. And this is something that even cleaning cannot fix but replacement of the entire carpet or hard flooring. To avoid this, regular cleaning of the carpet and hard flooring is essential. 

  •     Cleaning HVAC and Changing of Filters

When the HVAC system breaks down, it’s a total nightmare for building management and the owner. But, what if you can prevent it from breaking down, will you take a shot at it? Well, cleaning HVAC and changing Filters is an effective way to prevent this system from breaking down. and this is because a dirty HVAC not only poses a health threat but also financial losses. For instance, when the system is dirty and air filters cant work properly the following disasters can happen:

  •     Frozen coil due to poor airflow in the HVAC
  •     Premature failure of the furnace
  •     Faster wearing out of Carpets and hard flooring – dust from HVAC falls on the carpet and hard floor scouring it. 

But through cleaning the HVAC and changing filters, you can avoid all this expensive maintenance in the building.

Outdoor Walkways

This is one area of the building that’s often neglected but can cost a lot when it comes to maintenance. Exposed to weather elements, the rate of wearing off can be faster than indoor. Even worse, leaving it dirty not only enhances the rate of wearing but also turns it into a safety hazard. But through cleaning, you can maintain the walkways vibrant and boost the building appearance. 

Final Take

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