How Often Do Businesses Need to be Deep Cleaned?

It’s no secret that you need a clean facility for your business to prosper. While you may have routine cleaning, it doesn’t always deliver the cleanliness you desire. And that’s when deep cleaning comes in. It addresses the flaws in routine cleaning and delivers a remarkable outcome. But how often do businesses need to be deep cleaned? Well, it depends on several critical factors. And they include?

How is the traffic in the facility

The more people in your building the dirtier it gets. As such, it calls for frequent deep cleaning services. However, if it’s like a corporate business with fewer people coming in, occasional deep cleaning will do.

Size of The Facility

The bigger the facility the more time it takes to clean. As a result, the place may harbor hidden dirt, dust and germs. Therefore, occasionally, you need to schedule deep cleaning so that the entire pace gets cleaned thoroughly. 

Building Sharing

When you share a building, it means the place accommodates more employees, and visitors. To clean after their mess, routine cleaning can be helpful, however, it’s not as effective as deep cleaning. With routine cleaning, surfaces like walls that also receive a significant impact are rarely cleaned well. Therefore, you’ll still need occasional deep cleaning to maintain the place perfectly clean and germ free. 

Type of Business

Type of business you operate also plays a part in determining how often you should deep clean your premise. For instance, in an hospital, deep cleaning is more essential than routine cleaning. And this is because you need the place sparkly clean and germ frees to protect the patience and staff. 

Also, if it’s a school with kids, regular deep cleaning is also important. Kids tend to be playful and touchy, therefore, the rate of surface contamination is higher. Therefore, to prevent spread of germs, frequent deep cleaning is important. 

When it comes to business with the least number of visitors like a call center, occasional deep cleaning is enough. And this because surface contamination and trashing of the place is minimal.

Deep Cleaning Vs Regular Cleaning

Oftentimes, many business owners opt for regular cleaning thinking it’s the same as deep cleaning but cheaper. But that’s not the case. When you opt for regular cleaning, these services are mainly for maintaining your premise clean. 

And they include services like vacuuming or mopping your floors. They would tidy up the entire space. They would clean the bathroom, kitchen, office area, and take out trash. They are mainly light cleaning that take less effort and time to complete. But still, they’re essential in maintaining your place clean.  

On the other hand, deep cleaning covers similar services as regular cleaning but in detail. This service will target stubborn dirt, stains and odor. They would clean equipment or appliances in the facility. They would reach over spaces that are too far to clean during regular cleaning. If you look at deep cleaning services, you’ll realize they are more thorough and focused on perfection. And because of that, it takes more effort and time than regular cleaning. 

Getting Started

So, how often do businesses need to be deep cleaned? Well, there’s no one size fits all answer to this question. But with the above factors, you can establish the right time to schedule deep cleaning service for your business. However, if you need help with this, contact Tidy Team Cleaning Services

They’ll help you determine the best time your facility needs deep cleaning. In addition, they’ll also provide this service too. Besides deep cleaning, Tidy Team also provides standard cleaning services and disinfection. Therefore, reach out to learn more about their cleaning services.