How Often Does The Average Commercial Office Need To Be Cleaned?

How Often Does The Average Commercial Office Need To Be Cleaned?The average commercial office requires window cleaning, carpet cleaning, routine dusting and vacuuming, as well as other cleaning services. In order to maintain a clean and healthy work environment, there are daily, weekly and monthly tasks to tend to.

The frequency your office benefits from commercial cleaning services largely depends on a few things, including:

  • How much traction your office gets, how much dirt has a chance to accumulate in a given day, week or month?
  • Location, are you located in an area that attracts more dirt, salt or other elements that increase the need for cleaning? For instance, if you’re located near the ocean your windows will need to be cleaned more often due to the salty moist air.
  • The nature of your business—do employees work with or around oil, dirt or any other substances known to make a big mess? 

Daily Office Cleaning Tasks

Certain parts of the office require more frequent cleaning than others. Bathrooms, for instance, should be cleaned on a daily basis. Clean bathrooms are a must, for sanitation reasons and to keep employees happy. Employee bathrooms have the highest level of bacteria and germs compared to any other room in your office.  In second place for disgusting is the break room. Yes, where people eat, and yet there are more germs here than you’d ever wish to see with your naked eye. This is why the break room should be cleaned on a daily basis.

In order to keep employees happy, healthy and feeling appreciated it’s important to keep these areas as clean as possible. Failing to keep these areas up to par could disgruntle staff, and increase the number of sick days your employees use up. 

Weekly Office Cleaning Tasks

The front entrance of your building makes a first impression to the world, so it’s important to keep up with cleaning it on a regular basis. The front entrance includes the main lobby, where floors should be cleaned and sanitized, windows clear and free of streaks and all surfaces dust-free. These tasks should be taken care of on a weekly basis.

Monthly Office Cleaning Tasks

Windows, walkways, rooftops, and other exterior portions of buildings require professional power washing services every so often. This helps keep your building looking nice and new, and it also helps prevent a build up of debris from damaging the integrity of the structure.

The frequency of which your windows need cleaning depends on weather, exposure, location and other factors.  For the most part, commercial power cleaning is only advised once every few months at most. Windows, walkways, awnings, parking lots and other elements may need to be power washed at different intervals. The goal is to keep up with cleaning so that dirt and grime don’t have the opportunity to build up and create damaging eyesores. 

How Often Should You Clean Office Carpets?

Commercial carpets tend to get a good deal of traffic and as a result require professional cleaning about once every 4 to 6 months. If carpet gets less traffic it may need to be cleaned less often, perhaps only once every 8 months to a year. You can help reduce how often you require carpet cleaning by placing industrial mats near entryways and high traffic areas.

Signs commercial carpeting requires more frequent cleaning:

  • Prone to people dragging in winter salt from walkways and parking areas.
  • Prone to residual oils or fine dirt and sand getting inside.
  • Prone to stains, such as a daycare center or restaurant
  • High traffic, such as a popular retail shop 

Some facilities that require the most frequent carpet cleaning include:

  • Medical buildings
  • Nursing homes
  • Daycares
  • Restaurants
  • Retail storefronts

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