How To Clean Commercial Office Floors

cleaning floor with machine.Pompano Beach office buildings are equipped with numerous types of commercial flooring, all of which require different maintenance and cleaning techniques. Carpet, hardwood, tile and synthetic floors are just some of the many surfaces Tidy Team is trusted to clean on a regular basis.

Commercial office cleaning is a large-scale production. There is typically far more surface to clean than your typical private residence. Not to mention, commercial flooring takes on a lot more wear and tear. Different floors require unique methods of cleaning to protect materials and get the job done right. Floor machines, cleaning supplies and even mop pads can vary based upon a certain surface. Using the wrong cleaning supplies on a surface can damage it or fail to clean it all together.

The 5-Step Process For Properly Cleaning Commercial Floors

Every floor is different but in general there are around 5-steps used to truly deep clean any surface. A quality cleaning service is not going to simply vacuum your floors and be done with it; all floors need to be deep cleaned at some point. There are too many built up stains, greases and other nasty debris lingering in your floor for a vacuum or mop to take care of alone. 

1. For starters, the area must be swept and cleaned of all larger debris.

2. Next, the floors need to be degreased and the appropriate cleaning products applied to disinfect and break down tough stains. Pre-conditioning the floor with an appropriate degreaser may be useful in order to loosen tightly packed stains. Cleaning chemicals must be properly mixed and diluted so that they remain safe for people and the floors they are applied to.

3. A machine scrub may be used to deep clean and scrub at commercial flooring. This machine must include the proper pad fit for the particular flooring type as well as level of dirt build up. Activating the cleaning agents in the pre-applied chemicals for about 5 to 10 minutes helps remove even more dirt and grease.

4. Next comes the detailing portion of the job, which is specifically applied to hard to reach areas, such as tight corners, or the edges of flooring. These areas require great attention to detail and should be conducted by hand as opposed to relying on a machine. 

5. Last, but certainly not least, is the rinsing element of the process. After the floors have been thoroughly cleaned all of the excess chemicals and left behind grime needs to be removed with clean water. The more often the bucket of water is changed, the cleaner the end results will turn out.

Of course, this process will vary depending on the type flooring and how severe the build of dirt is. Yet, it stands as an example of the great lengths we go to in order to make sure your floor is as clean as possible—and literally fit for eating off of!

This level of thorough cleaning does not need to be conducted weekly. In some instances, say a hotel with high levels of traffic may clean and polish lobby floors on a weekly or monthly basis. For lower traffic areas, regular light cleaning paired with occasional deep cleaning should do the trick.

The Importance Of Applying Floor Finishes

Applying a wax finish will help floors maintain their new clean and shiny appearance, while also protecting surfaces against further wear and tear. If floors are waxed there should be no traffic until surfaces are completely dry. As many as 3-speed floor dryers are needed in any one given area to assist with the drying process. The waxing process must be properly conducted in order to be efficient and requires a special clean up process.   

Burnishing Floors

Burnishing floors gives them an extra nice shine. Prior to burnishing, floors must be cleaned of all dirt and debris. This is best done after work hours. The proper pad must be attached to the driver, and the right pad varies based upon floor type. A burnisher can remove scuffmarks and other seemingly impossible to remove stains. There are many different burnishing machines on the market, none of which are cheap or come without maintenance. Therefore, it’s far more cost and time effective to hire a professional service to take care of burnishing your commercial floors as needed.

Carpet Scrubbing Machines

Carpets require a lot of deep cleaning to remove set-in stains, and carpet-cleaning machines make a great asset for this task. It’s important to properly use the machine on carpets, but it’s perhaps even more important to make sure the space is thoroughly dried in a timely manner. Otherwise, wet carpets become a breeding ground for mold. Setting up several fans facing in different directions helps speed up the drying process, preventing that terrible smell of mold brewing in carpets.

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