How To Clean Stubborn Dirt From Commercial Tile Grout

How To Clean Stubborn Dirt From Commercial Tile Grout Over time all grout develops stubborn stains that seem next to impossible to remove. We provide commercial tile grout cleaning that removes stains, disinfects and even increases safety.

By deep cleaning your tile you actually decrease the risk that a customer slips and falls by 35%. This is because proper commercial grout cleaning improves traction. Not to mention, keeping up with grout maintenance will extend the life of your floors, saving you money and headaches in the future. We clean grout on countertops, entryways, walls, floors—you name it.

It doesn’t matter where the grout is located if it’s dirty it’s a serious eyesore. This doesn’t make a good impression to customers or employees. Many give up on trying to clean grout, assuming it’s a lost cause until it’s time to replace. Don’t let this mindset interfere with the appearance of your grout. Time and time again we see firsthand just how surprised our clients are over how good their previously stained grout looks after we clean it.

How To Clean Stubborn Grout Stains

Grout is a porous material, meaning it absorbs stains very easily. If stains are not cleaned up in a timely manner they can develop mold and other forms of harmful bacteria. If you notice a pinkish-red film developing on tiles in the bathroom you are likely looking at a type of bacteria called Serratia marcescens. If you decide to tackle this bacteria on your own, make sure to wear gloves and keep the room ventilated to help prevent getting sick from exposure.

The thing is, many techniques used to clean grout on your own are very tedious and time consuming. When cleaning larger commercial locations DIY methods can take forever but for smaller stains it’s worth a try.

What you need:

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Spray bottle
  • Grout brush or some soft scrub brush (even a toothbrush will work)
  • Small bowl

1. Fill up spray bottle with mixture of 1:1 vinegar and water. Spray the area you are working on with plenty of this solution. Let the solution sit for about 5 minutes or so before rinsing with warm water.

2. Pour baking soda and water into your small bowl to create a paste. Dip your grout brush into this paste and then start scrubbing at stains. As you scrub, add some of your vinegar and water mix from the spray bottle. The reaction between the baking soda and the vinegar will create bubbles to form. Rinse with warm water.

Still struggling to clean tough stains? You might want to try adding hydrogen peroxide to your cleaning regime. Hydrogen peroxide can remove mold, mildew and stubborn stains. Combine a mixture of peroxide and baking soda into paste form. Apply this onto the grout and let sit for at least 5 minutes before scrubbing. Rinse well with warm water.

Even if it seems like no amount of scrubbing will remove stubborn grout stains, they are not necessarily permanent. Tidy Team is equipped with the tools of the trade to get your grout looking perfectly clean.

Keep Your Grout Clean In Between Professional Cleanings

Here are some tips to keep your grout looking clean in between professional cleanings:

  • Lightly clean on a regular basis using a 1:1 mixture of baking soda and white vinegar paste. Use a brush to scrub the grout with the paste, but avoid rough bristled brushes or else you could damage your grout as well as the tiles.
  • Clean up spills as soon as they happen to prevent staining. The sooner you clean it up the less likely it is to absorb into the grout.
  • In bathrooms or any area susceptible to a lot of moisture, spray grout with vinegar from a spray bottle to reduce the chance of mold and other buildups. Doing this 1-3 times per week can make a big difference.

Superior Commercial Grout Cleaning Services

Professional commercial cleaning services provide a deeper level clean thanks to state of the art equipment and experienced teams of cleaners.

Tidy Team is equipped with the knowledge, tools and experience to clean just about any dirty grout. We come out and assess the exact needs of your business. From there, we work with you to create a customized plan of action, cleaning your grout and other surfaces as frequently or infrequently as you prefer. Plans are always flexible to keep up with changing demands.  Contact us today to learn more about commercial cleaning services that supersede all expectations!