How to Keep a Commercial Office Clean

Ever wonder how commercial cleaning services deliver a remarkable cleaning service? Well, it’s simple. They usually employ some of the best cleaning practices in their industry. And in this case, we’ll share a few on how to keep a commercial office clean:

  •     Organize Office Items

Office clutter contributes to the untidy and unsightly appearance of the working space. Therefore, even if you are having a rough and hectic day, that’s not an excuse to leave your desk cluttered. This is a practice that you as a manager or business owner must ensure all the staff follows. 

At the office level, you must create a filing system that allows for easy retrieval and returning of documents. Also, everything starting with pens and other desk accessories must have specific storage places. Further, discarding everything you don’t need creates room for an organized space. 

At the personal level, the staff must maintain necessary items on their desks. Such items include a laptop, PC, a few essential supplies, a notepad, and the document they’re working on. 

  •     Mopping or Vacuuming

If it’s a personal space, then mopping or vacuuming your office is something you can do. However, if you’re in an open working space, then you’ll need professional cleaners. Signing up for regular cleaning services will maintain the office clean. 

  •     Target Common Places

In a company, no room can surpass the common area when it comes to dirt. It harbors everything from bacteria to dust and litter. As such, it’s the best place to start your cleaning campaign on. 

If you have company cleaners, well that’s good. Simply organize a cleaning schedule that will maintain this place clean. However, if you don’t, you can outsource cleaning services. Contact a cleaning company and they’ll help you out with this service. 

  •     Clean the Fabrics and Upholstery 

Fabrics and upholstery are hotspots for dust and dirt. As such, cleaning the office is not complete without them. You can instruct the cleaning company to include rugs, carpets, and furniture upholstery in their cleaning schedule. Other things you shouldn’t forget are the curtains and blinds. While this service may not apply to the daily cleaning package, ensure it’s on the weekly deep cleaning package. 

  •     Include a Policy on no eating on office desk

While it’s time-saving when the employees bring food to work, don’t encourage eating at the office desk. This will create a mess in the entire office space. Instead, encourage people to use the common resting space if they want to eat. On the office desk, food crumbs and debris will get into office equipment. 

You’ll find it stuck between keys of a keyboard, desk corners, and other places. With time, mold growth will begin as well as pest infestations. Therefore, have a policy banning this habit in the working area. 

  •     Hire Professional Office Cleaning Company

Let’s face it; cleaning an office thoroughly is a full-time job. Something you can’t afford to do, especially with many projects at hand. However, you can reach out to professionals in this sector. The likes of Tidy Team Cleaning Services will clean up your office, daily, weekly, or occasionally. It all depends on the package you choose. 

Further, they’ll reach the farthest places like the ceilings and outdoor windows. And this is a guarantee that your office will be clean entirely when they’re through with cleaning. 

Final Take 

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the task of keeping your office space clean? Well, bear the burden no more. Contact Tidy Team Cleaning Services for assistance. They have the experience, skills, and technology for commercial office cleaning. Further, their cleaning technicians are bonded, insured, and licensed. Therefore, if you#3 want to walk into a clean and fresh office daily, reach out to Tidy Team Cleaning Services.