How to Maintain the Exterior of Your Office Building

Looks are everything when it comes to the exterior of an office building. The way an exterior looks will impact how potential clients and new employees view the business. Oftentimes, office building owners focus on the interior while neglecting the exterior. Since the exterior is immediately the first thing employees and clients view as they walk near an office building, it is essential to create a good-looking area. If it has been a while since you have kept up with the outside of your building, consider these tips:

Regular Maintenance

Similar to indoor office cleaning services, there is work that needs to be done outside. From lawn care to outdoor furniture dusting, where do you begin? Spring and summertime are generally the seasons when the grass needs to be weeded and fertilized. Of course, during every season, mowing the lawn is also essential. During the fall, leaves tend to fall and need to be raked. No matter the season, scheduling regular maintenance can ensure that the exterior of a building stays in top shape.

Take the Trash Out

Nothing is more unattractive than when a building’s trash bins are overflowing, While it might not be all your trash, it still is your building. Cleaning up the trash area is good for the look of a business. Adding smoking stations and ashtrays outside can also ensure that cigarette butts are not simply thrown on the ground. Scheduling cleaning services to take out the trash can benefit a business.

Wash the Windows

Summer is the perfect time to wash the windows. While windows are cleaned from the inside more frequently, when is the last time they were washed from the exterior? If your office reaches more than one story, the answer might be unknown. Since outdoor window washing services take time, they can be neglected. However, cleanliness makes a difference. When windows are cleaned from the outside, the sun can beam off nicely. Of course, take some time to have the interior windows cleaned as well. Since interior windows are more commonly touched, there can be a few fingerprints lingering.

Repaint the Building

If you are looking for a way to really update the exterior of your building, apply paint. A business can be transformed by simply adding a new shade. A fresh paint job is noticeable and can hide flaws, such as cracks and chips.

Pressure Cleaning

If the exterior of your building is suffering from the gum or other stains, pressure cleaning can come in handy. Roofs, patios, screen enclosures, sidewalks, driveways, parking garages, and more can be pressure cleaned. Pressure cleaning makes surfaces clean through the magic of power washing. Achieve the look of a clean exterior building when all surfaces have stains that are removed

Clean the Gutters

How often are the gutters cleaned? If you cannot remember, it is most likely because they tend to be overlooked. Clearing gutters regularly can ensure they avoid cracks and breakages. In the fall and winter, gutters tend to accumulate more leaves. Cleaning them regularly is a simple way to improve your exterior look.

Hiring Cleaning Services

Keeping up with a business’s exterior is a lot of work for a business owner. Instead of focusing on the tasks alone, consider calling in the professionals. With over 30 years of experience, Tidy Team is here to assist. Offering window cleanings, power washing, and trash removal services allow the Tidy Team to assist in providing exceptional care. Tidy team professionals are here to create custom projects aligned specifically for every business. For more information, contact Tidy Team today.